Twitter is the new customer service

Corporations are slowly learning to incorporate customer service into their social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., are not just for posting business content and general material to attempt to keep their public engaged and make them believe that they are “working hard.” Many big and small businesses are effectively starting to use social media to create planned content and reach out to their consumers, who are reaching out to them.

A company that stands out to me is one that capitalized on the opportunity to interact with their consumers on a personal level and guarantee their satisfaction. JetBlue has gone above and beyond in their service over their Twitter platform. From thanking happy customers, dealing with flight issues and giving air travel advice, the new corporation outdoes itself. Many people tweet out to businesses asking questions or making comments, and majority of them do not reply which kills the relationship. JetBlue Airways saw this cap and thought to close it by putting a good and active team behind the support of these platforms.

People no longer have time to sit on long phone calls or wait business days for an e-mail reply from a company. They would much rather tweet their short comment or concern and get an easy and quick reply. Flights are not cheap and many people find them stressful, so it is vital that airlines have strong consumer relationships in order to stay ahead of the competition.

JetBlue uses planned content to capitalize on their social media platforms. They develop personal and custom replies to people in order to help their specific need. In many cases they take it one step further and ask the customer to direct message them so they can talk about specific problems in confidentiality. This interactive area that JetBlue has created has caused customers to view them as a company that does value their service. Even for non-customers they offer tips and tricks for air travel and vacationing. This planned content helps people and their problems directly, it builds the relationship and it creates an everlasting impression in the consumer’s mind.

To the public they appear to be a friendly and purposeful company, and it has shown to be working. The small company has blossomed in the last 10 years and has about 2.08 million followers on Twitter alone. These followers aren’t necessarily their customers because there is so much more to their platform than just selling tickets.

Social media platforms are becoming more and more critical in the economic world. They are the key to full customer satisfaction and the ability to get real feedback on their companies. It is important for businesses to capture the moment on these platforms and impact customers one on one, and not send out a broad message into the cloud. If people see you’re engaging, listening and helping they will go to that business just because of that “buzz.” JetBlue is just one of the many companies who have had a social media win, but the goal is for social media wins to be the standard.