Wendy’s Takes the W

A social media win is going out to the Wendy’s social media team for their savage, hilarious, and refreshing tweets. The company’s Tweets are original, canned, and pretty out-there.

The Tweets sent out to “NHride” on January 2nd 2017 quickly went viral, and thus began Wendy’s quick and hilarious Tweets and replies. While some would argue that some of the Tweets are unethical, I think whoever is doing this is actually doing a good job at Public Relations. They are persuading the public that they are hip, trendy, original, and funny. If there is anything valuable we have learned from the 2016 US election, it is that youth and even older adults are easily persuaded by social media; this includes humour. Wendy’s was just another fast-food restaurant in 2016, seen as nothing more than McDonalds’ competitor. After their tweets went viral though, it brought on more attention from young people. The relevant memes and sassy replies tweeted by the account appeals to younger audiences, and therefore wins them over; meaning they will choose Wendy’s over their competitors, whose Tweets are the usual type of fast food companys’.

One of the many sassy replies
Wendys’ Tweets are also relevant to pop culture

The social media manager(s) clearly know what they are doing, and are connecting with the youth very well. They aren’t trying too hard, but the new Tweets are definitely intentional and planned. While the tweets are sometimes quite unethical (dissing McDonalds and various competitors,) it is still a great way of getting themselves out there and manipulating the public into thinking they are hilarious and trendy. Their Twitter is also very untraditional, which is what pop-culture is all about today. Edward Bernays, who popularized public relations during the 1920s all the way to the 1980s, would be very proud. He advised companies to persuade the public by observing the public; which is clearly what Wendy’s has been doing. The public proved to love memes, humour, sass, and authenticity-and Wendy’s delivered exactly that. Their various references to hip hop, memes, and the likes garnered attention from the public; it made them a new brand. In a McDonalds dominated world, they sure are doing a great job of getting themselves out there; especially to the easily-influenced millennial consumerists. The tweets weren’t just a one time thing either; they are still going. Today’s public is all about fast-paced info, and Wendy’s is always on top of their game with new funny and sassy tweets.

Wendy’s knew what they were doing; they were being controversial, but just the right amount of controversial. They were targeting youth by using relevant vocabulary and memes, but they weren’t trying too hard. By doing all of this, they succesfully persuaded the public that they are the cool younger sister of McDonalds that many businesses have tried desperately to be. They used many traditional forms of public relations such as studying the public, and humanizing themselves to appeal more to the public, but their medium changed, and they managed to create a new level of public persuasion using their Twitter.

10 points for the “The Office” reference