Blockchain, AI, analytics, and the IoT

Week in Review — — May 7, 2017

IBM: Three considerations for blockchain adoption

IBM has announced three key elements to blockchain adoption that C-suite leaders should consider when evaluating the technology for their companies. At the core of each consideration is the value in creating a network of trust and visibility that cuts across business relationships and deep into the supply chain. Learn more about three keys to blockchain

Using Apache Spark machine learning for pattern detection

Predicting consumer behavior is considered the holy grail of marketing, but a classic problem is filtering out the noise from customers who are ready to buy. So how do you find the buyer in the haystack? Oracle may have the answer with Apache Spark’s machine learning.

The next challenge for AI: Fighting blindness

Artificial intelligence could soon be used to screen and prevent vision loss due to a complication that stems from diabetes, according to a new study conducted by researchers from the Byers Eye Institute at Stanford University. Researchers are using AI and other deep learning methods to create an algorithm that’s capable of detecting diabetic retinopathy with an accuracy rate of 94 percent.

Why spear-phishing attacks need constant cybersecurity

A finely tuned ‘spear phish’ is almost impossible to defend against. A recent report from the Anti-Phishing Working Group noted that there was a 250 percent spike in phishing activity between October 2015 and March 2016. Social engineering is playing a big role in this increase, with end users practically handing hackers the keys to their kingdoms. Why is spear-phishing so insidious?

Using data to reduce scrap costs in a factory

The Mueller Company’s good reputation came at a price. A well-established manufacturer of water-distribution products such as pipes, the company had high internal scrap and rework costs that reduced the bottom line and increased labor. In this case study, we examine how they used statistical process control software to reduce scrap and rework by 90%.