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Imparting Chatbots with Multiple Conversational Styles

Researchers are studying a way to produce a single AI model capable of smoothly switching between and blending different chatbot conversational styles.

In these tough economic times and increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s survival of the fittest. Workers and job candidates with diverse skills sets stand out and are very much prized. And that does not just apply to humans. Chatbots with multiple skills also are highly desirable. Unfortunately, nowadays, chatbots are created using continuous intelligence applications and artificial intelligence (AI) models that make them very good at talking to humans in a very specific way.

Specifically, most chatbots are developed to perform a single conversational skill. For instance, AI models used by chatbots may make one useful for incorporating knowledge into the conversation, another that responds empathetically, and yet another that provides assistance. But most chatbots do not do all three.

In contrast, a human operator or agent interacting with another person can easily and automatically switch between these different conversational styles. For instance, a human speaker would alternate between talking about him/herself, listening to others, consoling them, sharing knowledge or information about something, and more.

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