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Real-Time Analytics: COVID-19 Weekly Roundup April 13th, 2022

By: RTInsights Team

April 13, 2022

4 Ways Technology Can Help Address the Global Food Crisis

The smart orchestration of data through computational technology, geolocation location devices, remote sensors, advanced autonomous imagery, and other technologies offers humans hope of food security. Read Here

Is Nanotechnology Ready to Enter the IoT Security War?

By 2030, there will be more than 25 billion IoT networked devices in use. That’s three times the number currently connected. Read Here

How to Streamline Your Automation Efforts in 2022

Robotic process automation (RPA) can eliminate tedious tasks, increase accuracy, and add value to a company’s bottom line, but companies looking to streamline and automate their operating processes should keep a few things in mind first. Read Here

Keep up to date on how AI technology and real-time analytics are being used to study, track, and plan actions related to COVID-19 with RTInsights. Visit our COVID-19 page here.




Features and news on real-time analytics, big data, the IoT, and artificial intelligence.

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RTInsights Team

RTInsights Team

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