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Real-Time Analytics: COVID-19 Weekly Roundup April 27th, 2022

By: RTInsights Team

April 27, 2022

How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience, brand image, and retention can all be improved with artificial intelligence. Read Here

5G and Edge Trials Could Transform Broadcasting

In a recent partnership trial, Verizon, Zixi, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are working with Bloomberg Media to uncover how 5G and edge computing could transform the broadcasting industry. Read Here

Customer Journey: Speed to Insight is the Critical Metric

Data teams need to consider rethinking existing technology stacks to focus on quality data to deliver moments-based experiences. Read Here

Keep up to date on how AI technology and real-time analytics are being used to study, track, and plan actions related to COVID-19 with RTInsights. Visit our COVID-19 page here.



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