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Real-Time Analytics: COVID-19 Weekly Roundup July 28th, 2021

By: RTInsights Team

July 28th, 2021

Covid Pushed Manufacturers Even Deeper into the AI Realm

Manufacturers will turn to smart factories and offices, allowing critical functions to be monitored remotely or, at a minimum, by fewer people. Read Here.

The Next Wave of Covid Detection: Facial Scanning

The facial scanning technology moves away from individual monitoring and instead focuses on ways to test for the virus before someone receives a diagnosis. Read Here.

Tech Companies Boost Benefits to Support Remote Workers

We may see a broader range of perks for remote workers as the effects of the pandemic continue to influence different industries. Read Here.

Keep up to date on how AI technology and real-time analytics are being used to study, track, and plan actions related to COVID-19 with RTInsights. Visit our COVID-19 page here.




Features and news on real-time analytics, big data, the IoT, and artificial intelligence.

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RTInsights Team

RTInsights Team

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