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Real-Time Analytics: COVID-19 Weekly Roundup October 6th, 2021

By: RTInsights Team

October 6, 2021

Enterprises Need Quantum-Secure Data Protection Now

Today, data-rich organizations are increasingly under attack by cybercriminals looking to exploit security vulnerabilities. Mitigating risk in this challenging operating environment requires quantum-secure data protection. Read Here

With Real-Time City Data Comes Innovation

The highly interconnected smart city that is evolving is built on having real-time data openly available and capable of being shared across agencies. Read Here

Net Security Requires Tight NetOps and SecOps Integration

NetOps and SecOps must collaborate from the very beginning of the network development process if companies want visibility across their networks to ensure effective security. Read Here

Keep up to date on how AI technology and real-time analytics are being used to study, track, and plan actions related to COVID-19 with RTInsights. Visit our COVID-19 page here.



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