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Real-Time Analytics: COVID-19 Weekly Roundup September 15th, 2021

By: RTInsights Team

September 15, 2021

Report Highlights Employee Device IoT Vulnerabilities

Employee home devices, which are often connected to corporate networks, were a source of IoT vulnerabilities during the pandemic. Read Here

Supply Chains: Real-Time Peeks into Warehouses Elusive

To stay competitive, experts managing modern supply chains are focusing on better visibility and use of data inside the warehouse operations. Read Here

The Rise of RegTech and Its Future in the Age of Big Data

The regulatory environment is complex and only growing more so. In the scramble to remain compliant with fast-changing laws and the proliferation of big data, regtech is on everyone’s mind. Read Here

Keep up to date on how AI technology and real-time analytics are being used to study, track, and plan actions related to COVID-19 with RTInsights. Visit our COVID-19 page here.



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