Real-Time Analytics: Weekly Roundup April 10, 2024

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By: RTInsights Team

April 10, 2024

10 Executives on Why and How GenAI is Here to Stay

These data leaders agree that GenAI is a massively impactful technology, one that will change every aspect of life as the internet did. The advantage will go to those who are not limited by the constraints of how we use technology and data to affect how we work, learn, and collaborate today. Read More

The 2024 State of Automation: Are Leaders Ready to Ditch Legacy Thinking?

A look at the recent State of Automation in Financial Services 2024 Report and why it matters. Read More

The Data-in-Motion Ecosystem Landscape

With organizations now focusing on building solutions using AI, it is pertinent to understand that the success factor for most of these applications is going to be the data that serves them. And, specifically, the key role data-in-motion (DiM) has to play in the value creation. Watch Now

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