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Real-Time Analytics: Weekly Roundup December 7, 2022

By: RTInsights Team

December 7, 2022

AIOps: What It is, When to Use it, and How to Get Started

AI has helped to automate many tasks — from document processing to warehouse assembly lines and health scans, but what about automating IT operations? That’s one of the newest frontiers in AI, and it’s receiving widespread recognition. Enter AIOps. Read Here

Predictive Maintenance Market Projected to Reach $26 Billion by 2028

The predictive maintenance market is expected to grow at an accelerated rate over the next decade, as the value of real-time, cloud-based insights for a range of industries is realized and implemented. Read Here

Enabling Real-time Analytics At-Scale Use Cases

Businesses today need to be able to easily build and scale analytics applications that can analyze data when it is created or when events occur. Read Here

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