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Streaming Analytics Basics: Kafka, Spark, and Cassandra

Kafka, Spark and Cassandra: mapping out a ‘typical’ streaming model

Rouda and Nanda Vijaydev, the director of solutions at BlueData Software, both propose one streaming analytics solution, which begins with Kafka, which handles ingest and stream processing, Spark, which performs streaming analytics, and Cassandra for data storage. This is a popular and completely open source option, although both Rouda and Vijaydev are quick to reiterate that streaming analytics can be done via a large number of different configurations.

Experimenting with streaming analytics

Rouda and Vijaydev both agree that for the most part, particularly in the early stages of implementing streaming analytics, one can’t go wrong with the Kafka-Spark-Cassandra pipeline, but they also emphasize the importance of experimentation and iteration.


Streaming analytics and event processing

Apache Spark, Hadoop and Kafka



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