Enterprise IPFS for True Supply Chain Provenance — Part 1

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Like fine wine, it’s important with some products to know their exact and raw origin, plus precisely how they evolved, and exactly how and when they are delivered into customer's hands. When your life is reflective of the success of your brand, it’s a constant challenge to find and develop more flexible and cost-effective solutions, which basically means matching the right technology to your expectations. Blockchain is a great start for the supply chain industry, however, it can not handle large amounts of data which is a major problem.

The distributed web or IPFS — the interplanetary file system protocol, is the next Web 3.0 solution that progressive large or small companies need in order to stay competitive, stay alive and truly scale. The challenge however is that the tech field today is overcrowded, and the competition brutal. It’s more congested and confusing than it has ever been, we’ve all heard and experienced a long list of empty tech promises. As a result, no one owns a customer anymore — customers own you.

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So … how do you know when to make your move to modern technology? It’s actually relatively easy. Simply ask yourself if you are as profitable as you or your shareholders expect, and if so, are you able to maintain the pace? If not, there’s your answer and it’s time to explore and expand new innovative solutions.

Finding a new tech solution is similar in some ways to buying a new car. Your first question should be; does the app make sense for my business? If so, execute due diligence and look closely at the team behind the application. Are they innovative? Are they experienced? Is there a solid team to support their app and do they have enough capital to see it through? And finally, is the app ready for the real world? If you can confidently answer yes to all of these questions, it’s time to make your move.

Intuitive applications like Temporal, an enterprise IPFS platform is to help manage the confluence of big data that is collected by a variety of other third party data apps … is ready to go and has a strong team supporting it. Working in tandem with any App, DApp, or Blockchain, Temporal can help you deliver all you need quickly and easily. Plus, it can also help you deliver a digital data sales ecosystem you’ve only dreamt about.

For example; On any second of any day, using Temporal and a suite of technologies such as Blockchain, AI, IoT etc, you can now instantaneously track your product whether it is moving by sea, air, or land, including watching in real time on a geo-location map, the last-mile delivery-vehicle, whether it’s a truck, car, or bike, winding its way through rush hour traffic. If you want, you can also immediately pull up all the professional information about each person in the entire supply chain who touches your product for any reason, whether raw material, manufacturer/processor, shipper, broker, etc., including their direct contact info if they provide it and if you have proper permissions. The best part is all this data will have have integrity, transparency and be extremely secure.

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The bottom line that’s good for your bottom line; Regardless of where you are, or with whom you do business, the smart choice today is to protect you interests by more effectively managing touch-points and full-circle communication with your suppliers, manufacturers, marketers, distributors, shippers, and everyone in your supply chain. Supply chain management now has the potential to be so intuitive and fluid that it feels more like art than it does science. Temporal is the perfect platform to help you manage the new era of Web 3.0 without making it complex.

We all still need to hit our numbers, and when your tools are instinctively easy to use you have more freedom and time to think creatively and solve age-old problems you’ve never been able to address properly. You’ll be able to immutably trace and track not only where your raw materials originate, but also trace every detail of every supply chain process, including each person who handles your product, and all the way through that historically tough last mile into the user's hands. Temporal and IPFS help make the supply chain process easier, cheaper, scalable and fully transparent to its clients private or publicly. Plus … they are both open source and both free to use.

If you’d like to learn more about the IPFS as it applies to the supply chain process read Part 2 of our 2 part series.

Join Temporal’s online community on Twitter, Telegram or visit our company website for more company information.

Written for RTrade Technologies by: Maurice Cardinal

RTrade Technologies

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