Introducing the RTS Network

RTS Network
Jun 19, 2018 · 4 min read

Our journey that started last year in Gokarna, the coastal town of Karnataka, has now taken the shape of a technology that is going to disrupt and reshape the landscape of Tourism industry. More about our journey here.

While the market research and MVP around Tourism related services have made us learn how to harness the powers of decentralisation and network effects, was the first real glimpse of a better way to do things in Tourism; free of intermediaries and rent-seeking entities, a pure p2p market on the decentralised web.

Coming back to RTS Network.

RTS Network is Network of Decentralised Autonomous Tourism Marketplaces which we call as ROOTS. ROOTS are Tourism related Places, Businesses or Marketplaces that exist as Decentralised Autonomous Organisations on the RTS Network. Anyone on the internet can utilise from a set of Smart Contract Templates to create and deploy assets with custom policies, and be the part of RTS Network.

A standard for the creation and operation of Tourism Markets

All ROOTS have the following functionalities required to operate an online market, which are made accessible via map, list and gallery-style user interfaces.

  • Posting and listing
  • Search and filtering
  • Reputation System
  • Booking & Trading

Each ROOT backend logic is controlled by a combination of The ROOTS Framework contracts shared by all ROOTS on the network and a set of root-specific contracts. The ROOTS Framework is designed to be flexible and extendable to adapt to different functionalities with plug & play of Smart Contracts coupled with Blockchain as a Service.

As the model on which the framework is designed, the mobile application represents the original ROOT and serves as a sandbox for the refinement of The ROOTS Framework. will soon be joined by further new ROOTS to make this a one stop solution for all suppliers and consumers in Tourism. is a one stop solution for a traveller in a new city. Built for a Modern Day Traveller with Destination Discovery in Mind.

RTS Network has a REPUTATION SYSTEM built on top of UPort which calculates, analyses and saves Reputation Scores, Ratings and Badges to take the uncertainty out of buying from a ROOT.

This creates Buyer Protection and is a crucial piece to handle Dispute Resolution.

RTS Network facilitates Zero Collateral Travel loans in RTS Tokens for Travellers repayable by sharing & collection of non-fungible data. This eliminates operations out of the Tourism Domain to create a smart Data Collection Ingestion Engine which couples with RTSxEnigma, our highly advanced Artificial Intelligence based system that empowers RTS Network by

  • creating AI driven Smart agent that let you book any asset, at the cheapest rate on your behalf.
  • cleaning, structuring and summarising Travel related information being handled with NLP & Neural Nets.
  • incorporating business intelligence and interoperability to increase conversions.

Register your identity on Ethereum, travel without passport and sign transactions with UPort.

Governance by the community, for the community

Aragon is a revolutionary new platform for the deployment of unstoppable companies and entities, serving as an operating system for decentralised autonomous organisations. Aragon facilitates the easy management of basic components of an organisation such as voting-share distribution, polling, role assignments, accounting, fundraising, and more. In short, Aragon will make the RTS Network a realistic possibility by providing the tools to facilitate group coordination through economic incentives.

To provide all with the ability to freely join and participate in RTS Network governance activities, to align incentives across participants, and to implement coordinated decision-making mechanisms to the RTS Network, we introduce the RTS Token.

The RTS Token (RTS) is a staking token, used by holders to join ROOTS and participate in their governance. Upon staking RTS Tokens to a ROOT, participants receive an equivalent amount of voting rights in the district. Voting rights can be used to determine everything from a district’s branding and functionality, to its accepted code of conduct, to the auxiliary modules that are integrated, and beyond. RTS Token will also be used as a

  • Reward for user data sharing.
  • Tool for payment on the platform.
  • Key to feature, discounts and crypto assets.
  • Path to benefits distribution and loyalty programs.

Whats next?

We’re working on our whitepaper, and will soon be coming up will a public release, in which we outline our future plans for the project.

Please note, our vision for the RTS Network is continuously evolving and we want you to be a part of the process; we eagerly welcome all feedback and suggestions. To share your thoughts or to learn more about the RTS Network, come chat with Bhuwan & our team on We look forward to seeing you there!

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RTS Network

Network of Decentralised Autonomous Tourism Marketplaces powered by Ethereum, Sidechains, UPort, Aragon and Plasma.

RTS Network

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Tokenising The Travel Industry

RTS Network

Network of Decentralised Autonomous Tourism Marketplaces powered by Ethereum, Sidechains, UPort, Aragon and Plasma.

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