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Preparations You Can Do to Pass Your Psychological Test at Work

Did you get called to do a psychological test? The psychological test is a part of the employee selection process that aims to see the personality and IQ of prospective employees. Actually, these psychological test is as important as other section of the recruitment process such as interviews or FGDs (Focus Group Discussions). When it comes to psychological tests, there is no right or wrong answer in the result of your assessment. If you don’t qualify, it does not mean that you are a bad person, it could be because your personality is not in accordance with the needs of the company. But it still won’t hurt to prepare as much as possible. In order to be optimistic about taking a psychological test, you can follow these four steps to ready yourself.

Prepare a strong and healthy body (Source:

1. Maintain your body condition

Before taking a psychological test, you should maintain your health. Test that covers personality and IQ requires your body to be in a healthy condition because if you don’t get enough sleep or get sick, you won’t do well on the test. Your body’s condition can certainly affect the results of your personality test and scores on your IQ. Moreover, the duration of the psychological test may take half a day. For this reason, make sure you get enough rest, don’t sleep too late, and have breakfast in the morning before you leave.

Look for information and references (Source:

2. Know which psychological test you are taking

It will become a shock to you if you didn’t know what the psychological test will look like. It’s always a good idea to buy a psychological test book that is usually sold in the bookstores, search examples on the internet, or ask friends or family who have done a psychological test previously.

There are many different test kits that are used during the psychological test, there is the Wartegg, Pauli, Kraepelin, DAM, and more. During the test, not all test kits are used, it all varies depending on the needs of each company. For example, a psychological test in a bank would be different compared to a media company because they are looking for different types or characteristics in an employee. For this reason, it is important that you look for information or references that will support your psychology test in accordance with the company or position you are seeking. Learn about the type of tests you might have to take and what kind of strategy would you need to prepare. Technical constraints often arise and may become the reason you did not pass the test.

Bring your own stationery from home (Source:

3. Prepare for your psychological test

Before the day of the test, don’t forget to prepare everything else. Generally, the psychology test will be done using a pencil or pen. Unfortunately, not all companies will provide you with the stationery needed when the test takes place. In addition, you are only given a limited amount of time to complete your test. It would be a waste of time if you have to borrow stationary from the people around you. This will probably disturb them too, especially if you don’t know each other. In conclusion, don’t forget to prepare your writing utensils (Pens, Pencils, and sharpeners).

Don’t cheat (Source:

4. Don’t Cheat!

Once again, the time you have to complete your psychological test is very limited. If you try and use your mobile phone to look for answers or glance at the table next to you, you will just waste your time which will affect your results. Even more so if you get caught. The company will put your name under their blacklist meaning that you can no longer register at the company.

With excellent preparation before taking your psychological test, you will be more relaxed and hopefully, you’ll get the results you are expecting. It would be unfortunate if you end up not doing your best in the test. For this reason, hopefully, the four pieces of advice can help you in preparation of your psychological test.

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