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Introducing RUBEX- blending Academic, Behavioural, Cognitive, and personality aspects of students into learning!

July 2019, when Nitish and I started RUBEX, our Vision was crystal clear from day one, unlike our trajectory. To enable self-learning in students and ensure no student stays average.

We wanted to solve only one problem but in the best possible way.

There is a wide-scale gap in education and a mismatch between students’ expectations and the teaching method. No one was solving this problem.

All through our school and college, we have seen everyone focusing on the wrong metrics! Everyone says Learning = Score, but according to us Learning ≠ Score, we changed the equation to:

Learning = Growth!

Improvement in the marks means we have grown academically, but learning comes when we have grown mentally, behaviorally, intellectually, and academically.

And thus, initiating our journey of bringing these unexplored aspects of students into learning and blending behavioral, mental, personal into academics and getting holistic learning growth for a student.

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We are a data-led EdTech platform where we leverage technology to understand every minute nuance of the student and design a unique learning persona for each child, thus matching each child with the best teacher!

Our teachers are not only Subject Matter Experts; they are experts in “YOU”. They understand you, your scope of learning, your level of understanding and this set us apart from all!

After talking to 1000s of students, teachers, and parents, we are presenting to you the RUBEX App, which will revolutionize the way you learn!

Students select what they want to learn and our smart technology matches them with the teachers who are best for them and that too at the time of their choice!

For us at RUBEX, the future looks like a magical space where everything is available in one tap! When it comes to acquiring knowledge, we want to be at the forefront of it!

Photo by Robyne Hu on Unsplash

Just a single tap and get into the internet world, where you can acquire knowledge for anything you want to!

Here is the newer, and better version of Learning!

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. If you like what we are building here at RUBEX, download our App and help spread the word..!



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