Another T-Mobile Data Breach.

Exposed customer information is useful to malicious attackers.

T-Mobile representatives recently issued a statement regarding a data breach that occurred on August 20th. This data breach resulted in T-Mobile customer information being exposed. The exposed data includes: billing zip code, customer names and account numbers, account types, and e-mail addresses.

While on the surface this may seem like erroneous data, it is actually very useful data to attackers, especially malicious attackers who specialize in porting scams. Port-out scams involve an attacker transferring a users’ phone number to a different phone. This is often done in an effort to gain access to online accounts that are tied to a specific phone number.

If you are a T-Mobile customer, it is highly recommended that you closely monitor your account for unusual activity such as new phone hardware charges or new lines of service. Also, T-Mobile customers should be vigilant with monitoring for attempted phone number ports. The first indicator of a port-out event is when your phone stops having service and you’re unable to make calls or browse the Internet. T-Mobile customers can also call customer support to add a “porting pin” to help protect against potential porting activity.

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