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Bitcoin BTC BTCUSD Market Wyckoff By Hours ⏰ Complete Update 📈

Total Market Cap around of USD $170 Bn. But one best point to the market is up to USD $200 to consider a point entry and market reversion.

Wyckoff’s new build phase is beginning to show on the hourly chart. However at these points it still does not represent a safe area to open long positions.

Basically with the price entering our first point to enter a trade around $ 6100, we are running with the crossover of the EMA9 and the EMA21 and the Bitcoin breaking the EMA50.

The above is what is drawing the attention of buyers who carry out short-term operations. But we recognize the great resistance that the Ichimoku Cloud is creating at the point of USD $6611 along with the resistance of the EMA100.

We are still studying the re-accumulation movement to consider an excellent long entry.

On the daily chart side, with the breakdown of the EMA9 and an upcoming crossover of the moving averages in the MACD, we could have a first sign of reversal.

On the side of the weekly chart we could have a first reversal wedge and a positive date. But we can’t trust ourselves yet. Let’s remember we are in a new phase of accumulation and what we take care of the most here are the problems of liquidation through manipulation.

The monthly chart shows a struggle to secure the knife. Really that very dangerous. Very important support next to the EMA50 at USD $5550, a point that we consider excellent to open our next positions.

See you in the next story! With love 💛 Rubika Ventures Team!

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