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Bitcoin Technical Analysis Review And About The Cornix Problem

We recognize that in the world of cryptocurrencies and especially in telegram we are susceptible to possible cheating by some tools. We are talking about this because hours ago we had released an official statement to our entire community about the review that had done on Cornix, one of the tools that we use a lot to send, configure and maintain alerts of our trading signals.

Cornix Problem Solved

However, and thanks to one of our members or subscribers, who immediately entered with the Cornix team upon learning the news that we had previously published, all this confusion could be resolved. So officially we are portraying our position on the tool and we can without any problem use the Bot again in telegram. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Our Personal Guide

We take this opportunity to remind you that a post made a few months earlier we created a complete guide to know how we should use the Bot in Telegram.

We invite you to read it at the following link

Bitcoin Touching A Point

Bitcoin on the daily chart is following our trend plotted days ago with an Elliot ABCDE pattern. With the value very close to $6730 we are testing a critical decision point.

We continue to exercise price in line of 71% Fibonacci retraction and EMA21 along with EMA9 is holding the price. RSI 42 points approximately and MACD following a positive trend but it is losing strength.

Many traders are betting on the correction in favor of the sellers, but for us it is better to wait for an exact confirmation in that pivot. We really hate pivots in the market, they are a stone in the shoe.

Immense Joy

Before we say goodbye, we want to share with you that we participated in a Coinigy contest where a free year was drawn from the subscription to the tool where we do our market research and for God’s sake and grace we won that subscription.

We believe that it will be of great help to offer you an excellent quality service in technical analysis. We can also follow our personal studies built and thus give them full follow-up.

The tool will also allow us in the future to officially launch the account manager service, which for now is only being studied.

See you in the next story! With love 💛 Rubika Ventures Team!

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