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Bitcoin’s Halving Technical Analysis Has Its Days Numbered

We start the week with positive capital. We have crossed the $200 trillion in market capitalization and sentiment begins to improve as Bitcoin’s halving has its days numbered.

With only 36 missing, the market begins to evaporate in a positive direction. But we have a question: Could it be because of the halving of Bitcoin Cash?

A Decisive Day

Just as Bitcoin will have its halving, Bitcoin Cash along with another “SCAM Alert” not to mention the name will have its halving these days. But, we will tell the truth: we do not know exactly what will happen during the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) halving but we are adding only 10% of our capital with a market price.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is currently breaking on the daily chart breaking the symmetric triangle and 71% of the Fibonacci retraction line, close to the EMA50 and in continuation of our wave B.

If the halving event shows a positive side, we will be able to open a long in Binance Futures between $260 and $278 with stop loss at $242. This strategy has already been altered to our premium subscribers and is being revealed to the entire community.

With all of those expectations and a market on a positive wave, Bitcoin really kicks off with a great week.

An Excellent Blessed Week

We closed a week with a positive volume and touching one of the downtrend lines or one of the Gann angles. We still do not feel a convergence of a significant upward trend.

As main support we have $5896, raised by the EMA200 and as main resistance: EMA100 crossed with the EMA9 between $7290 and $7125; 61% of the Fibonacci retraction line at $ 7832 along with the EMA50 at $7859 crossed with the EMA21 at $7738.

MACD indicating lateralization along with 42 RSI points. We are currently playing the crossover of EMA 100 with EMA50.

A Favorable Day

Earlier hours we had a break of the EMA300 on the hourly chart and a crossover between the EMA200 along with the EMA21, identifying the creation of strong support. The price for the moment remains below the EMA300, the break of this if it happens in the next few hours could attract the attention of many. We continue studying.

In another point, we have identified the most favorable protection and accumulation zone for our next Long.

Currently the price is in a strong channel created by the EMA900 together with the EMA9, the EMA21 and Tekan-Sen, this being an ideal support; and the EMA700 along with the EMA50, being an important resistance for people who operate intraday.

Historically, the previous resistance really represents an important point for the accumulation of investors and the beginning of an upcoming trend of real high under protection.

We are trying to break one of Gann’s angles as a primary resistance and entering the corner of Ichimoku’s cloud.

Geometrically we have a symmetrical triangle as a zone of accumulation and formation of congruent Eliot patterns. However, we can clearly see a discharge channel being made.

With this explanation, we can conclude that we can open accumulation Long operations between $6662 and $7237. Our strategy after Halving will be to eat sardines, so we are still using our patience to our advantage. Successes and blessings.

On the other hand, we say protection zone for the price to be above 70% of the Fibonacci retraction line, being our Elliot B wave.

Valuable Information

The previous studies and others you can receive in a more considerable time being one of the assignments of our premium school of traders in Telegram for a price almost equal to having a coffee per day. Ask our plans to our internal support and let’s live this new economic cycle together.

For your subscription you will receive:

  • A private telegram channel to follow the technical analysis of Bitcoin, Futures Market and the most important assets of other markets.
  • A private telegram channel for some technical analysis ideas, news and blockchains and Altcoins project launches.
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  • A magical and academic channel with important content to learn more about the crypto market and the most important trading techniques. It is a whole special library to have the best reports, market studies, advice and much more.
  • And the opportunity to belong to the premium group to have all the support, ask questions and solve particular portfolio management problems.

You can see the previous results in the following link

See Some Feedback

See some feedback of the participants of our last contest 👇🏻

We really thank all the participants and among these three we will go to choose the winner. So we wish you the greatest successes in the world.

The vote will take place in Uptrennd, so stay tuned for the next post. If you do not have an account here is our reference link so you can create your account

See you in the next story! With love 💛 Rubika Ventures Team!

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