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Financial Education As Innovated Strategy For Saturated Market

Hi Rubikators! Through this article we want to introduce ourselves. We had never done it for the reason of always keeping them informed of the crypto market primarily.

Basically, we want to tell you who we are, we do actually, why we do it and where this movement is generating an active community within a saturated market emerged.

Who Are We And Where Are We Going?

We know that many people who are not knowing now are wondering who we really are. Today we want to answer that in a few words.

In a few words we are and we want to be a☀️Smart Financial Markets Research Center to bring to pass knowledge through the best Strategies, News, Reports and Stats for an active community that achieves excellent results☀️.

This concept stems from the need to educate and keep informed investors in financial markets.

Seeing this need to educate and inform, we want to offer an alternative means and a communication channel to have the best trade, investment care and risk management strategies, in order to obtain good results.

We believe that in the near future we can expand our services to other financial markets. For now we are complying with the cryptocurrency market, which being saturated in some aspects, still represents approximately 10% of the financial markets.

Why Do We Do Our Work?

We have the desire to generate an active and exclusive community for financial markets, including the cryptocurrency market, in line with the creation of financial and educational content, reports, news, strategies and opportunities to trade, and the creation of knowledge in general.

We believe faithfully, that despite all the difficulties, the most important thing is education and knowledge creation to make excellent decisions when investing, whatever the market.

That is why we want to do this differently and with an innovative way, that makes people feel in tune with the financial markets through personal opinion and the release of relevant information.

How Do We Want To Do Our Work?

We want to do things with love, transparency, responsibility, joy, protection, care and honesty. Integrity as the main factor of motivation and good service.

We want to be radiant in everything we do and offer.

What really moves us is to be faithful, honest, wise, useless, doing things creatively to be able to educate people so that they can obtain better knowledge and decisions in the financial markets.

Why Do We Offer Premium Services?

The concept we have is a tune to actively realize all our dreams. It is a well-planned horizon that can make it possible to obtain information, knowledge and good market opportunities to generate first-hand income.

We want to educate you financially in a more personalized and congruent way. We simply want them to belong to the best club of investors, traders and fans of the financial markets.

Belonging to the premium club, it will not be necessary to worry about entering or exiting trade operations, also with technical analysis, buy and sale alerts and strategies.

We make all our knowledge available and you, simply make a profit in the short, medium and long term with our recommendations.

What Are The Services We Offer?

We are currently using the Telegram Platform to establish an interactive trade room where people can be notified of trade opportunities and educational content published in our official blog.

Types Of Services

Basically we have two types of service: one for free subscription and the other for paid subscription.

The free subscription gives you access to our free telegram channel and to the group or trade room for testing our services, and in turn, to some educational content that we share to the community in general in our blog.

Now, the paid subscription gives you the opportunity to have all the free services more accessible to the following channels and group:

We have an exclusive group for those assigned where you can ask questions and answers of the operations, or any matter in general.

Joining to our Premium Community gives you access to questions, doubts, answers, and personalized consulting with our market analyst and the Rubikators Team in general. That is, greater attention and support for any particular need.

We have a unique broadcast channel dedicated to all Bitcoin Analysis and Long and Short operations in Bitmex.

In that channel we also send the market reports, which after a stipulated time the other broadcast channels and the community in general are sent. That is, our premium members always receive academic content first, and then are disclosed to the public.

There will be exceptions that some information will never be shared publicly.

On the other hand, we have our dedicated channel only for the Altcoins Market, where the opportunities to add to our portfolio are shared, operations and signals for Bitmex and Binance are tracked.

And what differentiates us from other work teams, are our educational contents which are shared in a channel dedicated to education and knowledge generation.

We want to create together the best library in the world to share the best strategies and knowledge of financial markets.

The compiled news are sent first to this channel and then disseminated to the community in general.

In general for our all community, our blog is available to everyone and the channels alerts and feedback.

In the matter of alerts, we always notify and alert all our paid subscribers first and then to all free subscribers.

For now, we are not considering automatic alerts because we think it is beautiful to keep a well-structured follow-up of trade operations.

What Is The Cost Of The Services?

For the date, the prices of the plans are cataloged as follows and as the image below describes.

It is recognizable that the market has its alterations, so prices may vary from one day to another, but in general it is a standard and reference price for each plan.

In this logic, the alteration of prices and promotions will be notified with care.

For ethical reasons, people who assign a lifetime plan will have a more careful and personal service and support.

How Do I Contract These Premium Services?

To contract the service simply send to this portfolio address 17EVmMbLBgFZ7LUGgtoirtXDEKBror8suf the corresponding amount of the payment for the desired service.

After that, send us to our email, the telegram username, email address and a print of the transaction along with the link of the TX Hash Id or Payment Id as this

When we have confirmed everything on both sides, we will add it to our premium telegram media.

If in any case, you would like to do all this in a more personal way, you can write to the support account in telegram and we will gladly assist you.

Future Services We Are Studying

We want to cover and document most financial markets. At the time this article was written, the possibility of opening services for the Forex Market was being studied.

For now, we believe it is important to cover the cryptocurrency market. But when we expand markets, by hiring some of our premium services, they will also have access to them in the market that the user wants.

Formally the contracted service, the fee, will cover all the services we offer in each market.

That section here, will be updated according to the emergence of new services.

See you in the next. With Love 💛, Rubikators Team.

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