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For These Functions Our main Communication Channel Is Telegram

Based on the original article published by we will tell you later because we prefer Telegram as the main communication channel to send all our information.

The Telegram messaging application becomes increasingly popular and makes sense, its functions often exceed those of WhatsApp.

If you have never used Telegram it is possible that this article is a surprise for you, but the messaging application of Russian origin has become an important place in the world because it has more advanced functions than WhastApp — although it also lacks some that it already has the other.

This is the Top 5 of the Telegram functions that make it better than WhatsApp and as our main communication channel with us:

Close People

In position number five we have a novelty added by Telegram this year and it is about People Nearby, a new option that if you enable it, basically. it will allow you to see all the users of the messaging application that are nearby — and it is reciprocal, so they also see you.

When I used it, I realized that it allows people to see my profile picture, although they can’t get the phone number; In addition, you can easily block them.

Telegram says that it is to make friends, although as with any other dating or meeting app, you should take extreme security measures.


In position number four we have the customization. Because in addition to being able to change the background of the messages, Telegram gives us a wider range of options, on the one hand it already includes night mode and, on the other, you can choose the tones you want to use in your conversations so that the application still looks more personalized.

To this we must add that you can even change the logo of the app for one of those suggested by the company and, in addition, Telegram allows you to have several profile images at the same time, as if it were a photo album.


Something that, without a doubt, could make Telegram a better tool than WhatsApp are the bots: small applications that you can install to execute tasks automatically.

There are hundreds of them in many languages and some can serve as a translator, send you reminders or help you find the most important Internet trends easily.

Particularly we have some Bots implemented to make life easier for all our subscribers. Among those Cornix, which helps us with notifications and tracking trading signals. This would never be possible in an easier and more intuitive way in other media.

Channels And Groups

One of the most special functions of Telegram are the channels, which are different from the groups. Our free channel was mainly made to offer you the best news of the cryptocurrency market, trading signals for the main exchanges, educational and educational advice and much more.

While WhatsApp offers groups of up to 256 people, Telegram allows you to create chat groups with a maximum capacity of 200,000 people and, on the other hand, it has channels that, unlike groups, are a tool to spread messages to large audiences, where Subscribed people have no participation.

In both cases, they are ideal tools for large groups of friends or to share news to a larger community.

Security and Secret chat

Telegram usually flaunts that it offers greater security and that it has some options that WhatsApp does not have. For example, you can eliminate the possibility of other people taking screenshots or enabling the sending of secret chats and even configuring messages that self-destruct — and that may include photographs or documents that, after being seen, disappear completely from the application.

These have been the five functions that, due to their use and importance, make Telegram a better app than WhatsApp.

However, we are aware of some Telegram deficiencies such as that it does not have video calls, Stories or that you cannot turn off delivery notifications easily as in WhatsApp.

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