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Latest Binance Art News and Announcements Compilation

Hi Rubikators! In these last uncertain days in the market we have left the news aside and we have dedicated ourselves more to technical analysis. That is why with this article we want to list the latest news and announcements that Binance made in recent weeks and that we should recapitulate.

So it is important to make it clear that we will only list the news without much writing. Let’s start!

Binance Futures Trading Program

The best exchange in the world recently announced recently enabled the implementation of BNB as a means of payment for the costs of operations within the futures platform, as it made known in its support blog.

Users can now save up to 10% of the cost of the fees when paying for the acquisition of future contracts. That is innovative from our point of view.

Binance Futures is Now Available on iOS

More details here

Something Curiously True

In the last market study conducted by Binance, it shows us that in November the interest in acquiring future contracts during the month of November rose considerably. For that month the interest of the people to negotiate within the futures platform within Binance reached up to approximately 98% as the graph shows.

Similarly, the study shows that people during the month of November had a greater interest in the negotiation of Bitcoin than in other cryptocurrencies. Sorry Bitcoin continues to be the boss here.

The average interest rate exceeds 40% in dominance. The truth is a relatively good number.

With this we must remember that derivative markets are gaining power and Binance does not want to be left behind in this new industrial revolution.

Economic World Decentralization

One of the things that is surprising us is how quickly Binance is decentralizing the economic world. We affirm this by looking for what many visionaries have not been able to do and we refer to the addition of state currencies to the few.

We recognize that the forex market will soon migrate to the cryptocurrency market and we see that Binance is preparing with that.

A clear example was the list of currencies to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card and the other most valuable example was the list of Russian currency to trade pairs within the exchange.

Staking And Margin Is In Fashion

If you like being a holder so much we invite you to know the new coins that Binance is supporting to make the staking process and earn passive income.

You can check the entire list here

Also these days we have been surprised how the few Binance is adding more cryptocurrencies to the margin trade section. The last one to be listed was RVN that knowing negative sources and after its last discharge had a crash of more than 40%.

The above is a fun game but we must be very careful! Here we leave you the image to be surprised and at the same time to laugh.

We also expect Binance to do good quality research because we really know that many people lost money here.

On the other hand before finishing another list of news, many days passed and that is why from here on wards we will only list without comments those news that Binance announced in the last days. The truth is that we love Binance advertising and that should be something memorial.

Binance Futures Launches XRP/USDT Perpetual Contract With Up to 75x Leverage

Read Here:

Binance Community Coin Vote Round 5 — DREP vs NEW

For the fifth round of the new format Community Coin Vote, we have selected DREP (DREP) and Newton (NEW) as the two candidates for the vote.

The vote will start at 2020/01/15 4:00 AM (UTC) for 24 hours and will close at 2020/01/16 4:00 AM (UTC).

Notice of Removal of USDC Trading Pairs on 2020/01/07

Due to low trading volume, Binance will remove and cease trading on the following USDC trading pairs at 2020/01/07 8:00 AM (UTC): ALGO/USDC, FTM/USDC, ONT/USDC, XLM/USDC, USDS/USDC.

Isolated Margin Mode Now Available on Binance Futures

Binance is excited to announce that we have released Isolated Margin Mode on Binance Futures. Users will now be able to switch between Cross Margin Mode and Isolated Margin Mode.

Binance Support Loom (LOOM) Staking

Binance adds support for Loom (LOOM) staking, starting from 2020/01/04 and will distribute Loom staking rewards as detailed below:

Move your coins to Binance from anywhere and enjoy hassle-free staking rewards. Other rewarded coins supported by Binance can be found on the Staking Home Page here.

Binance Will Support the Upcoming PIVX (PIVX) Network Upgrade

We Can Already Negotiate Euro! Yeah

Binance Futures Trading Tournament — 100,000 USD in BNB to be Won!

The tournament so far has been exciting. Congratulations to all the participants!

Binance & ARPA Wished You a Happy New Year — Win a New Tesla Cybertruck!

Binance and ARPA have committed to giving away one latest model of the Tesla Cybertruck Single Motor RWD (worth $40,000) and a total of 60,000 USD in ARPA tokens to thank our users worldwide for their continued support. Good Luck!

Trade & Share to Win a Chance to Buy BTC at a 50% Discount!

It was the prettiest ad after the surprise gifts Binance made in the rest of 2019.

Binance Supported the Upcoming Ethereum (ETH) Muir Glacier Network Upgrade

The Ethereum update was a success within the Binance platform. After that, many investors had a lot of buying interest.

One of the NFTs — EXCHANGE THE WORLD 2019, was even traded for $2,400 equivalent in Enjin.

According to Binance Research Binance Collectibles Series 1 has been quite popular on both Enjin and Opensea.

In our personal way, the truth was that the campaign was a success.

Binance Now Supports Purchasing Crypto by Binding Visa Cards to Your Account

Binance now allows users to bind their Visa cards to their accounts and purchase crypto using this card, directly on

Read More

Happy Holidays! Binance & TROY Bring You a Merry Christmas With a Tesla Cybertruck and $50,000 in TROY Tokens to Give Away To Remember!

Remember Here:

Binance Futures Launches BCH/USDT Perpetual Contract With Up to 75x Leverage

Binance Futures has launched its third perpetual contract, BCH/USDT. Users will be able to select between 1–75x leverage.

Binance Futures Fee Update — Improved Fee Structure & VIP Discounts

Binance adjusted the Binance Futures fee structure starting from 2019/12/20 08:00 AM (UTC) as follows. More Here

Binance Supports Kava (KAVA) Staking and Launch a 30,000 KAVA Initial Staking Reward Airdrop

Binance added support for Kava (KAVA) staking, starting from 2019/12/18. More

WINk Trading Competition — 700,000,000 WIN in Prizes to be Won To Remember!

Binance and the WINk team have committed to a total of 700,000,000 WIN in prizes to be won as a thank you to our users worldwide, for their continued support and to also celebrate the addition of BNB utility on the WINk platform. Read More

Binance Launched Tenth Phase of Binance Lending Products


Binance Futures Launched Referral Program

All information Here

Binance Community Coin Vote Round 4 Was Cool COTI vs VITE

In the end, who won was Vite!

Binance Opens Brazilian real (BRL) and Argentine peso (ARS) Fiat Gateway Through Latamex

That was the news that most surprised everyone and especially the Brazilians, who know that in that country it is still difficult to negotiate cryptocurrencies.

Binance Futures Trading Fee Discount Program — Save 10% With BNB

Binance delighted to announce the official launch of our Binance Futures Trading Platforms. Both Futures Platform A and Futures Platform B from the Battle for Binance Futures competition will be available for trading. That really was great!

Binance Supports Cosmos (ATOM) Staking

Binance added support for Cosmos (ATOM) staking, starting from 2019/12/05. More

Binance Futures Launches ETH/USDT Perpetual Contract — Up to 50x Leverage

Binance Futures has launched its second perpetual contract, ETH/USDT. Users will be able to select between 1–50x leverage. More

Binance Opens Indian Rupee (INR) Fiat Gateway Through WazirX

Read More

Binance Community Coin Vote Round 3 Was Stronger — AERGO vs CTXC

And the winner it was Cortex. Read More

Binance Special Bug Bounty Program

Read More

Binance Opens Turkish lira (TRY) Fiat Gateway Through Papara

Read Here

A Competition for all Binancians & MCO Fans, $100,000 in MCO in Prizes To Remember!

Remember Here

Other news to remember can be found on the official telegram channel We hope you liked our selection of art news about Binance. If so, please leave us your comment about it. Until the next compilation.

But first we openly acknowledge that Binance has but has a future ahead! It is and is being one of the best exchange in the world. We can say that it is and will be the next Apple.

We just want to extend the invitation for us to build a new decade in this market with many successes and good profits. See you in the next story.

Let’s go together! With love 💛 Rubika Ventures Team!

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