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Premium Group Trade Signals October Report & Results

We have officially compiled the results for the month of October for our premium group and we celebrate this battle like this:

Total Profit/ROI: 1091.33% ✅

❌ Total Stop Loss: 88%

Averange Radio: 33.07% 🔥

👍🏻 Success Rate Radio: 27.27%

#Wins 9 — #Loss 3 — #Cancelled 21 — #Trades 33💪🏻

Average Day 4 ✌🏻

Visit our transparent spreadsheet here and check these and other results:

Advantage That You Cannot Lose

As you know, these days are holidays: Bitcoin birthdays, parties and more parties, CEO’s birthday (officially November 3), Christmas is coming and more and more parties. For this reason, and seeing the previous results, we have decided that from today until December 31, the prices of the premium memberships will maintain their discount.

Remember this promotion will only be until December 31st. Unfortunately for the new round of the year we will close all discounts and our premium memberships will return to their normal values.

We have made this decision because our ultimate goal is really to provide financial advice within the cryptocurrency market in a more professional and personal way. We recognize very well that quality is worth more than quantity. With that, you must take advantage of that discounts for a limited time.

Paying your premium membership you get great advantages and better advice for a price that is worth less than a coffee per day but with the possibility of helping your crypto capital multiply. You also help us to let more people know our work.

If you want this service and take advantage of the discount that goes until the end of the year, contact @rubikav on Telegram right now and join our exclusive community of traders.

Great Benefits Good Price

As a premium member of our group you get these main benefits:

🔆 Full Cornix Support, Portfolio Management 💼 and Risk Management.

💪🏻 Earning opportunities above 6% up to 50% for the Binance Spot market.

Opportunities to make an ROI greater than 100% per trade signal within Binance Futures. 💪🏻

📈Technical and fundamental analysis of the main cryptocurrencies.

✍🏻Assistance and support service when necessary in case of doubts and similar things and exclusive financial reports when they exist. 👍😉

😎Receiving trade signals first hand before the whole community in general.

  • For lifetime Plan we offer the account management service. An optional service where we help in the decision making of the operations via Cornix Api Trade.

👥🥇Being part of an exclusive community of traders and crypto investors, where we help in everything.

All our signals are based on previous technical analysis done before they are sent to the community. We use multiple indicators to have total security of the operation. We never copy and paste from other communities. 100% original trade signals, seamless and realtime. 🏄🏻‍♂️

What do you say about these benefits, are they the ones you are looking for? 🤔. Contact now to @rubikav on Telegram a get your vacancy.

uu hey Rubikav!, I need a trial please uu! Well, join on our free Telegram group now and get your trial now.

See you in the next story! With love 💛 Rubikav® Team!

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