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Summary Of community Performance in 2020

During the year 2020 we had many challenges and we hope that the year 2021 in development will be better. First of all, we apologize for our mistakes and we promise to improve every day.

Therefore, and below we present the summary of the results for the month of December of the premium community and our annual performance.

Little Vacation

In December we decided to take a good rest. However, and even with that short period, we were able to obtain the following results.

Total Porfit/ROI: 217.02%

Total Stop Loss: -28%

Average Radio: 16.69%

Success Rate Radio: 53.35%

#Wins 7 — #Loss 1 — #Cancelled 4 — #Trades 14

Average Day 2

Check here

Considerable Performance

Doing an annual evaluation of our performance, we realized that we had a high stop loss, but compared to the won trades there is considerable consistency in the growth of our clients’ portfolios.

We live moments of tension, anger, insults, challenges, but in the end we can summarize the results for 2020 in the following table:

During 2020 we made more than 282 trade operations, of which more or less 175 were won and 44 were lost; posting 141 for Spot and 141 for Leveraged; within a range of 226 longs and 56 shorts. This last indicator shows us that the market for 2020 was really in favor of buyers with a trend of lucrative flexibility.

To the above numbers, we add the fact that we accumulate during 2020 more than 14640.84% ​​profit/ROI between spot, cross and 10x margin operations.

In the case of the total stop loss, we consider that -1815.18% tells us that we must improve significantly in the coming months. But it is worth remembering that everything depends on the real market conditions.

However, we were able to achieve an average rate of 51.92% per trade, which indicates that we were able to meet our maximum goal, which from the beginning was stipulated between 6% and 50% for spot operations and 20% and up to 300% in operations for Binance Futures.

We believe that by having 62% as the maximum taxa of success, it tells us that we still need to improve our studies and do things that involve operations of risk management and control of our emotions.

Great surprises await. For now, we will make the best decisions so that in the coming months each of the people assigned to the premium community feel with a high degree of satisfaction.

Check here the complete summary

Improvements And Releases

For the year in progress, we are committed to improving the system of trade signals with recursive parameters that allow a better performance of the portfolios of each of the clients. This commits us to the management of emotions and total control of the time to send them.

We have re-evaluated our premium plans and a next post will be revealed.

We will continue with weekly reports and educational materials so that you continue to constantly learn more.

The account management service is officially launched. With this service, those interested can let us make the buying and selling decisions for them.

We will aim at the constant expansion of the community and set the goal of reaching at least more than 10,000 people empowered and satisfied with the information communicated within the community. Of those at least 100 will be premium subscribers and of those 100, 10 vacancies will be reserved for people who want us to manage their account.

For now we wish you many blessings in this new year, and we want you to feel comfortable with our community. 👍

In the not too distant future we will be launching our official blog. A fact that is already being planned. This tool will mainly help with membership payments and provide public and private information of great interest.

If you have another fact that was very important from your point of view for our report, let us know in the comments.

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See you soon! With love 💛 The Rubikav® Team!



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