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Week Summary For The Most Commented Cryptocurrency News & Stats

We begin by saying that Brazil has too big problems with hackers. According to the subject published in cointelegraph, now the second most hacked country in the world with a total added to date of US$ 20 Billion.

With this surprising news, we want to show you what was most commented during the week in the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrency Trading Reached USD 4 Trillion

According to TokenInsight, the trading volume of the overall cryptocurrency market showed signs of strength, reaching USD 4.0801 trillion in Q2, posting a 165% growth from Q1.

Alson, centralized exchanges dominated the entire cryptocurrency market, taking more than 99% of the market share; and the total trading volume of decentralized exchanges in the second quarter jumped to RMB 5.581 billion.

Another important point is that KuCoin was the fastest growing exchange in terms of trading volume in Q2, recording a whopping 441% growth from the first quarter. KuCoin was followed by Coinbase Pro, up 331%, BitFlyer, up 284% and OKEx, up 197%.

But, In the second quarter, platform tokens were the most traded currency in the secondary market joined made remarkable gains, with the trading volume rising by more than 150% from the first quarter.

However, the most loved community continues to be Binance.

Enigma and Outlier Ventures Announced Strategic Partnership

The partnership will focus on the growth of Enigma’s technology and network as well as driving developer and end user adoption as was written in the blog.

Enigma will also become a member of the Convergence Alliance, a unique community of open source protocols, enterprise, start-ups, government bodies and academia chaired by Outlier Ventures, helping to lead the next phase of the Web.

Ethereum Has More Developers Than Any Other Crypto Ecosystem

Consensys related the last time ull-time developers increased 13% year-over-year in June 2019 and are consolidating around high network value projects.

Alson, 80% of developer loss came from one-time per month and part-time developers;

Smart Contracts, Infrastructure, and DeFi ecosystems continue to gain full-time developers;

and overall crypto ecosystems are approaching the size of well known open source projects such as Apache, but still has plenty of space to grow.

Sportsbook Giant Is Accepting Bitcoin Deposits

FanDuel, the sportsbook giant, will offer Bitcoin deposits, according to a BitPay press release as was related it in Altcoin Magazine.

FanDuel customers can now also bet with Bitcoins all services, include the areas of gaming, sports betting, daily fantasy sports, prepayment betting and TV/media.

The top coins inflation rates increases in circulating supply

As wrote christianot, the circulating supply is a crucial factor in the price determination of a cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin’s circulating supply inflation has decreased

In the case to Bitcoin, starting with a very high inflation of 208% at the end of 2010 compared to the end of 2009, Bitcoin’s circulating supply inflation has decreased significantly over time.

Currently, Bitcoin’s circulating supply inflation is projected to be at 3.76% in 2019 and will even further decrease in the upcoming years due to the block reward halving from 12.5 BTC per block to 6.25 BTC per block in 2020.

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