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My Ship 30 for 30 Journey

Follow along as I learn what it means to be a writer in this digital age.

Ship 30 for 30

Hello Friends!

Today marks the beginning of my Ship 30 for 30 experience, and I am taking you along with me.

What is Ship 30 for 30?

Ship 30 for 30 is a cohort-based digital writing course by captains Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole.

The aim of the course is, in the next 30 days, to build a daily writing habit and to figure out how to make it as a writer in this digital age.

If you would like to know more about the course and join Dickie and Cole for the next cohort, taking place in October, you can follow this link → Ship 30 for 30

How did I come to know about Ship 30 for 30?

I am always searching for books on writing that can help me improve my writing skills. On one such search last year, I came across Nicolas Cole’s The Art And Business Of Online Writing. I started reading the book, which immediately changed my perception of Writing.

I put the lessons I learned from the book into practice, and Rubina’s Bojra is a result of that.

On August 1st, I celebrated my first anniversary of online writing, and I have crossed 1000 followers.

This is the best result I have had in my writing career so far.

I understood what Cole taught in his book worked and that I needed to go to the next stage of my writing career. So what better way than to have Cole as my mentor?

Ship 30 for 30 is the course that not only teaches the lessons I learnt from Cole’s book but also takes it a step further and puts it into practice.

It also takes my writing further by giving me a community of like-minded and like-hearted people and mentors who will guide us along the way.

We have just finished our onboarding week, and I feel so supported and encouraged by the community of Ship 30 for 30.

What’s going to happen for the next 30 days?

For the next 30 days, you’ll be getting a 250-word Atomic Essay from me on the following topics -

  • Life Lessons
  • Writing & Creative Life
  • Books & Reading

They’ll be like a quick shot of espresso.

The main action will take place on Twitter.

If you would like to follow my progress there, you can click the link/image below.

If you don’t want to go to Twitter, no problem. I’ll be posting my essays on my Medium and Substack as well.

If you would like to be immediately informed when I post my essays, the best way to do so is to subscribe through email. That way, my essays will drop straight into your inbox for reading pleasure.

Links to both of my internet homes are below. Choose whichever you prefer.

Medium Link

You can also bookmark this page, as I will also update my daily essays here.

I am excited and nervous about the next 30 days. I, and my 800 other shipmates, are learning and growing so much in such a short time. This experience is definitely going to change our lives.

Without further ado, let’s get this ship sailing.🚢🥳

Ship 30 for 30 Atomic Essays

DAY 1 — Aug 13th

DAY 2 — Aug 14th

DAY 3 — Aug 15th

DAY 4 — Aug 16th

DAY 5 — Aug 17th

DAY 6 — Aug 18th

DAY 7 — Aug 19th

DAY 8 — Aug 20th

DAY 9 — Aug 21st

DAY 10 — Aug 22nd

DAY 11 — Aug 23rd

DAY 12 — Aug 24th

DAY 13 — Aug 25th

DAY 14 — Aug 26th

DAY 15 — Aug 27th

DAY 16 — Aug 28th

DAY 17 — Aug 29th

DAY 18 — Aug 30th

DAY 19 — Aug 31st

DAY 20 — Sep 1st

DAY 21 — Sep 2nd

DAY 22 — Sep 3rd

DAY 23 — Sep 4th

DAY 24 — Sep 5th

DAY 25 — Sep 6th

DAY 26 — Sep 7th

DAY 27 — Sep 8th

DAY 28 — Sep 9th

DAY 29 — Sep 10th

DAY 30 — Sep 11th



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Rubina G Gomes

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