Rubius Partners with MegaPath

Jun 25, 2018 · 3 min read

Blockchain financial technology company Rubius Inc. has formed a strategic partnership with business telecom, network security, and cloud-services giants MegaPath Inc. and Fusion.

The privately-held MegaPath offers cloud-based business phone, business-grade internet solutions, cloud computing, managed security services, data collaboration, and data networking services to customers throughout the United States. MegaPath has offered award-winning network services to customers since 1996.

MegaPath is a subsidiary of Fusion a cloud communication, cloud connectivity, and cloud computing specialist. Fusion offers customers a robust nationwide network and a comprehensive suite of cloud services.

MegaPath and Fusion will make Rubius’s Ecosystem a Reality

MegaPath and Fusion will help Rubius Inc. build its worldwide financial-trading platform Rubiex.

Rubiex will need the seamless connectivity; and 99.99% reliability, that MegaPath’s cloud offers. As an exchange Rubius will also need fully-managed security and network connectivity which are MegaPath’s specialty. Fusion can give Rubius diverse connections to the cloud and access to a robust nationwide network.

Rubius will need the flexible, scalable, reliable, and secure solutions Fusion offers for products like Rubiex and its Aryl wallet. Rubius CEO Joseph Rubin envisions that those products will have millions of customers. Rubius will need the type of large-scale data collaboration and data networking services that MegaPath can provide to build and maintain Rubiex.

A major benefit that MegaPath and Fusion bring to Rubius is technical support that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Rubius will need such support in order to keep solutions like Aryl and Rubiex available to its customers all the time.

MegaPath and Fusion will Bring Rubius to Business

An added benefit that MegaPath and Fusion can offer Rubius is access to business customers throughout the United States and Canada.

Fusion and MegaPath operate offices in California, New York, Kansas, New Jersey, Virginia, Georgia, Ohio, Kansas, and Washington State. Another Fusion subsidiary Primus maintains offices in Toronto and Edmonton for the Canadian market.

Rubius will offer MegaPath and Fusion access to its cutting-edge blockchain technology. Rubius’s goal is to develop user-friendly consumer-oriented Fintech solutions for the blockchain.

These solutions include the Aryl wallet which Rubin envisions as the “Venmo of cryptocurrency.” Aryl is designed to be compatible with any Ethereum-based ERC20 token and provide direct access to Rubiex from smartphones.

MegaPath will help make the Rubius Ecosystem a Reality

To make a solution like Aryl work, Rubius will need the 24/7 connectivity, security services, network support, diverse connections, and robust network that MegaPath and Fusion can provide. Connectivity is critical for Rubius because Aryl is only one of many mass-market products on the company’s drawing board.

The Rubius team is designing a full suite of financial services products that can be used by people all over the world. Those services include Rubius Accounts that can be created with Aryl and offer access to the Rubiex exchange, a Rubius blockchain infrastructure on the cloud, and social messaging connected to Aryl.

The Rubius Ecosystem will need a high-level of security because Rubin wants to offer a wide variety of financial services through it. Long-term plans include decentralized banking, lending, and escrow solutions.

One of the keys to Rubius’s system will be cryptocurrencies, including Rubius’s ERC20 Rubius (RUBY) coins. Rubius plans to launch the coins with an initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO) in August. Participants in the ICO will receive a Preferred Rubius Account which offers reduced fees and priority customer support.

The Preferred Rubius Account (PRA) is the kind of customer-friendly solution enabled by MegaPath and Fusion’s cloud. Without a robust network and 24/7 cloud services, the PRA would be impossible.

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Rubius Inc.

A blockchain software company, focused on developing cryptocurrency-related products, services, and solutions.


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Rubius Inc.

A blockchain software company, focused on developing cryptocurrency-related products, services, and solutions.