Strategic Partnership: Daviann & Rubius Inc.

Ukraine’s premier boutique web agency Daviann is forming a strategic partnership with Rubius Inc.

The partnership is a natural one because of the two companies’ mutual goals. Rubius’s goal is to develop a suite of products that will make blockchain financial services available to a mass market.

Daviann’s specialty is designing and building easy-to-use turnkey solutions that will enhance a brand’s image. Customer-friendly solutions offered by Daviann include corporate websites, ecommerce products, promotional websites, and mobile and web design.

User Experience is Daviann’s Specialty

The two companies share a commitment to user experience and customer service. Daviann specializes in building user interfaces and ecommerce solutions for websites.

One of Rubius’s signature products will be the Aryl wallet. The Aryl wallet will be a user interface for the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.

Aryl is intended to help consumers access Rubius’s many planned blockchain solutions. Planned Rubius products include the Rubiex cryptocurrency exchange, Rubius Smart Escrow, Rubius Smart Accounts, Rubius Smart Loans, and the Rubius (RUBY) cryptocurrency.

Daviann can help Rubius commercialize these products with its expertise in logos, branding, illustrations, graphics and mobile and web design. Rubius can help Daviann by adding cryptocurrency and blockchain connectivity to ecommerce websites and mobile apps.

The two companies can make Rubius’s goal of offering turnkey mass-market blockchain financial solutions to banks, consumers, and companies worldwide a reality.

Together, Daviann and Rubius should be able to offer a full suite of eCommerce and fintech solutions for the blockchain. Daviann will launch the partnership by redesigning and rebuilding Rubius’s website. The new website will be more attractive and customer-friendly.

Daviann Staff Joins Rubius

Two key members of the Daviann team will bring their web, ecommerce, marketing, sales, and design expertise to Rubius.

Daviann’s sales director Vlad Vasylchuk will become Rubius’s new content director. Davian’s founder and CEO Maxim Bashmakov will become an advisor to Rubius.

The two will bring crucial real world marketing, business, website design, user interface, user experience, promotions, customer service, ecommerce, and mobile design experience to Rubius. Their expertise will enable Rubius to integrate its blockchain solutions with websites, ecommerce platforms, and mobile apps.

The Daviann alliance is a crucial step in Rubius’s quest to make cryptocurrency and blockchain financial services available to real people in the real world. This should put Rubius and Daviann at the forefront of the convergence of blockchain and the internet.

Daviann is a full-service boutique web-services and marketing agency based in Kiev, Ukraine. Rubius Inc. is a blockchain financial technology research and development organization company in Tampa, Florida, USA.

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