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Liroy Leshed
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It can be hard to understand concepts like ‘meta-programming’ without seeing a real world example first. In this post, we’ll do exactly that.

Jbuilder utilizes Ruby’s meta-programming ideas to create any json structure imaginable. It’s amazing once you discover how it actually works. And how it achieves that with a beautiful builder-style DSL (Domain Specific Language). Let’s jump in.

Let’s create a basic JSON structure with Jbuilder in order to understand how it works:

json.name 'liroy'
json.age '31'

Which will produce the following json:

"name": "liroy",
"age" : "31"

But what’s really interesting is that json doesn’t have a name or age method. So how come it doesn’t raise a NoMethodError when we call it?

Well the reason is because of Ruby’s method_missing meta-programming hook. What it does is take any missing hit — a call to a method that doesn’t exist — and do something with it at run-time. In the case of Jbuilder method_missing looks something like this:

def method_missing(*args)

The method_messing just calls set! while passing its arguments. Then set! ultimately saves the key in the attributes hash which Jbuilder then uses to produce the actual json:

def set!(key, value)
@attributes[_key(key)] = value

That’s it! Jbuilder essentially creates any json hash you wish while using method_missing and producing the key at run-time.

Thanks for reading!

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