What is Rude Food?

Photo by Ruth McInerney

If you’ve (finally) been following our newly started Rude Recipes blog, you’ll notice that we’ve not really been putting up any full recipes yet. Why? you may ask. Well, mostly because we are busy women with loads of work and weird sh*t happening in our lives, so we’re working on the whole ‘Let’s start a food blog together won’t that be great!?’ thing. That and, y’know, sorting out real life.

Kat, at your service
The inimitable Niyati

So we begin with simple posts. An association game, if you will. The Rude Recipes ladies will be, in turn, following some interesting paths leading from one dish to another, creating a maze of dishes that should whet the appetite of you, our eventual audience, before the ‘real’, ‘mainstream’ blogging begins.

Liesa (the German)

We do intend to give you some proper good rude recipes, we promise, but for now, we’re just trying to get our creative and foodie juices flowing.

So sit back and enjoy some food-spiration for the next few months as we get ourselves going in the blogosphere! Don’t expect too much, we don’t.

Hope you enjoy — we sure as hell will!