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Ruff Chain Biweekly Update | April 24-May 07, 2018

What’s On

On May 16, the first offline Meet Up of Ruff Chain is coming soon! The activity of Blockchain Tour, conducted by Huobi, is to walk into Ruff, establishing a communication platform for investors and community fans and having face-to-face talk with the founder of Ruff Chain — Roy Li. The registration for this activity will be made available soon. Users interested in Ruff Chain may sign up for this activity.

On May 24, Roy Li is to attend the Huobi Blockchain Festival Industry Conference and share the IoT + blockchain industry experience, introducing the public blockchain of Ruff Chain and its ecosystem to the 1600 participants.

Trending Events

On April 23–25, Roy Li attended the WBC World Blockchain Conference 3 AM Summit in Macao, and delivered a speech on the technical application and implementation of blockchain in the field of IoT.

On April 27, the activity of “Alibaba Cloud IoT & Ruff Workshop”, jointly organized by Alibaba Cloud IoT and Ruff, was smoothly wrapped up in the Yuanchuangu Conference Center, Shengda Tiandi, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. Over 150 Ruff Community users learned Ruff OS on the spot and vigorously participated in the Workshop, personally experiencing the development process of Ruff IoT applications and involved in the building of Ruff ecosystem. The winners were awarded 10,000 RUFF tokens.

On April 27, locked positions of early investors were partially unlocked. Ruff Chain was formally launched at the exchange on January 27, 2018, and early investors’ RUFF Tokens had been in locked positions for three months since the launch, i.e. from January 27, 2018 to April 27, 2018.

On April 29, reported that “according to the market information of, the highest rise of RUFF was up to 23% at around 13:30, April 29, ranking first on the Huobi rise list”.

On May 1–3, Ruff Chain was showcased at the WDAS World Digital Assets Summit in Singapore, and Roy Li was invited to attend a round-table conference, where he expressed his views on “Blockchain Service and Best Practices” and showed the real implementation scenarios and value of Ruff Chain in IoT and blockchain.

On May 3, Roy Li appeared in the live streaming room of Huobi, earnestly answering questions such as the founding process of Ruff, what Ruff is doing in IoT and what solutions it has provided, etc. He left a message to all the audiences in the end, “if you want to invest in digital assets, then, just hold them”; “you should wait long enough, for all the things”; “you must have faith”; “trust yourself”. 240,000 RUFF Tokens were distributed for free, to over 6000 addresses.

Project Progress

IoT access

Access of Ruff OS to NXP development board chips is under development. NXP is a superior development board in Asia, and its main chip supports most mainstream smart devices, which will attract more equipment to be part of Ruff IoT ecosystem, providing firm foundation support for data sent onto the chain in the field of smart hardware.

Building of public blockchain

Hi, all. Let me synchronize the progress up to now:

1. In terms of chain interface, we have finished the P2P stack interface, and some piles have been realized based on the interface.

2. The tx-extending frame has been preliminarily completed, based on which a sketch DPOS voting consensus has been completed and under test.

3. The initial functions of storage engine have been completely finished and have passed the correctness test.

4. BDT is now connecting with our P2P stack interface, yet to be finished; the current p2p stack is purely realized with tcp.

5. The verification of single node block generation has been completely finished, and the correctness of data synchronization among multiple nodes is under the test.

6. A small-scale interface testing environment is being built, with tcp for direct connection, for verifying the data synchronization, correct blockchain generation and branch merger of multiple nodes.

The current work centers on:

Finely adjust the tx frame based on the DPOS consensus demand, and define the power boundaries.

Verify the resistance to network fluctuation and correctness of branch merger, during of multiple node block generation.

Community Building

The population of Ruff Chain Community has increased by 1000+, and those watching Roy Li’s Huobi live streaming on May 3 reached 13,000.

The overseas telegram group, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, and Steemit accounts of Ruff Chain have been operating stably, and Chinese and overseas investors can follow them to get the latest information.




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