Campaign and Claim

Jan 4 · 2 min read

With great claims, come great campaigns! On the cusp of $MSG claim, here’s a quick recap. In order to claim $MSG, each collector will have to vote on three inaugural initiatives, choosing a charity, choosing a tribe and choosing a tribe leader. Tribe leaders will play an extremely important role in the governance of Space Poggers lore and community moving forward. Tribe leaders will have the authority to write and submit proposals on behalf of their tribe. There may only be one tribe leader for each of the thirteen tribes and leaders will be re-elected every 90 days. Leaders also will receive an $MSG bonus for executing their duties as tribe leader. The leader of the largest tribe will be dubbed majority tribe leader, who will be working directly with the RUG.TECH team in the execution of approved proposals.

The weight of a collector’s tribe leader vote will directly correlate with the amount of Space Poggers of that tribe the collector owns. For example, if a Dog tribe member holds three Dogs from the Space Poggers collection, their vote toward a certain tribe leader will be counted three times. The tribes available to choose from are reflected in the collection itself. There is a total of thirteen tribes: The Mouse Tribe, The Red Panda Tribe, The Bee Tribe, The Cat Tribe, The Dog Tribe, The Frog Tribe, The Llama Tribe, The Penguin Tribe, The Turtle Tribe, The Elephant Tribe, The Gorilla Tribe, The Owl Tribe and The Zero Tribe. It is understood that some of these tribes have active community leaders that are already considered leaders. However, the $MSG claim and campaign event is a fair opportunity for everybody to step up to the plate and advocate for their role as tribe leader. Currently, almost 100 individual members have expressed interest in being a tribe leader under the new $MSG campaign!

For prospective tribe leaders, if one would like their Ethereum address to be displayed publicly for ease of access to potential voters please fill out this Google Form and the team will append your address to a public channel of prospective candidates. Also, if any tribe leader needs additional assets in terms of media to campaign, please do not hesitate to ping “@Agent KH” to provide free media to aid in campaigning for your platform.