Week 1 / Interruptible LED fade

Rui Wang
Rui Wang
Feb 6, 2019 · 3 min read



Place: Swimming Pool, the club at Jackson Park

Color: Red & Yellow

Source: LED

Direction: from bottom to top

You might be thinking this is a vibrant burning fire. It is, but, it’s not the real fire. Setting fire inside might be dangerous.

The first time I saw this, I was so amazed by it. Then I come closer to look at it; it still feels real, I then put my hand on the top it and try to feel a sense of warm, then I find it’s just mist, which is lighted by red lights from the bottom.

This fire is so real; you can never tell the difference from the real one if you watch it from a distance. I think the key is that the producer inside can generate the mist in the fire shape, I still don’t know how this works.

I think about the feeling that people get when seeing this, I feel much warmer. Most of the complaints from a swimming pool is always that why the water is so cold? But when people see a fire, they will have a warm feeling in the body.

Here is the video:

Interruptible LED Fade

Influenced by this amazing fire, I decided to use LED to simulate the nature of the light, combing with a natural style design.

I want to make something like a real fire, which is a bonfire.

First, I went through the primary circuit. I used the Arduino UNO,LED,Potentiometer.

I use the Potentiometer to control the frequency of the blinking. Also, I use the sine wave to smooth the blick.

See the codes here.

#define LED_PIN 10   // PWM PIN
//#define W 2*PI/PERIOD //SIN = AMPLITUDE *
#define AMPLITUDE 127// Used to generate time for the cos wave
unsigned long timer = 0;
int readValue = 0;void setup() {Serial.begin(9600);}void loop() {
readValue = analogRead(A0);
int period = map(readValue, 0, 1024, 100, 2000);
float W = 2 * PI / period;
// Serial.println(W);
timer = millis();
int ledValue = 128 + AMPLITUDE * (cos(W * timer));
analogWrite(LED_PIN, checkValue(ledValue));
int checkValue(int val) {
if (val > 255)
val = 255;
else if (val < 0)
val = 0;
return val;

Then is the fabrication part. I try to find a natural piece of wood which has real wooden texture and feelings, I walk around the school and Washington Square Park, but I can not see a part which has the right size, and I know I can not cut a piece from the tree. So just image I have a row piece of beautiful wood like this

So I just cut a piece of Polly wood to make the light’s body.

Then I gather some branches and break them into small pieces. Then I glue them together to the top of the LED.

When the LED is on, it looks like this.

See the video here:

Rui Wang

Written by

Rui Wang

ITP student in TISCH, NYU.

Rui Wang

Rui Wang

Itp student in NYU. Industrial Designer. UI Designer

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