Week 3 / light Store Visit

Rui Wang
Rui Wang
Feb 20, 2019 · 4 min read


Time : 15:00

Location: The club at Jackson Park

Source: LED Strip

Color: Yellow

Direction: Ceiling to wall

Tom showed us the LED strip light in the class, so I observe a similar light effect which is used in the stair hallway in my apartment. The atmosphere in the hall is energetic and harmonic because it’s a gym club. To high light the graffiti on the wall, they use this long source to light up all the way along the stair, probably the best way to achieve it.

Light Store

I visit the light stores this week. Although it’s been years that I did not attend the lights in the stores, I can still remember when I was about to move to new house, and my parents ask me to go to the super large light in store in China, I was amazed by all kinds of views. I picked up a few lights that I like to decorate my home. I think choosing light is so important, no matter how luxury your apartment is furnished, if the lighting is not good, the whole room pales. On the opposite, if you have a better set of light, the office will feel much more comfortable.

I personly prefer the dark environment, which means only has small light sources in the room without making the whole room bright. And I am so affected by the lighting, if I were in such a gorgeous place for a long time, that would make me super uncomfortable, like anxious and tired. So that’s also one reason that I want to design the lights that could make people feel relaxed.

In this way, I don’t like big lights. So all my focus is on those lamps, ceiling lights, wall lights, and spotlights.

Here are some types that I feel good:

And I have to consider the outlook design of the lights because I am a product guy. I don’t like modern designs, because they are always too shiny or too dull, those vintage lights are my favorite. I love warm glow instead of cold light. I love the smooth, and implicit defuse rather than the shiny ones.

I think lights also have their own life, don’t consider them as a tool, somehow, they are creatures: they wake up, they communicate with us, and they also need to sleep. So, I always try to apply a sense of life meaning to those light, and different lights represent different characters. For example, the first picture shows us some playful kids, when I saw them, I can get a sense of active and colorful feeling when I was young. For the third picture, I think I am talking to a decent and elegant middle-age gentle which is revealing a mature sense.

At last, I find a small store near the China town; the owner is from Hong Kong, we can communicate in Chinese, sorry for my poor English. I asked him a lot of questions about lighting, he explained a lot to me, and he is very skillful at light and electric. I learned a lot, and I can come back to the store if I need things.

It’s a good experience.

Rui Wang

Written by

Rui Wang

ITP student in TISCH, NYU.

Rui Wang

Rui Wang

Itp student in NYU. Industrial Designer. UI Designer

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