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An Inner Journey of Ahimsa — 20 Apr 2022

In Jahangirpuri in Delhi, India, last week, communal riots broke out last weekend against the backdrop of a Hindu procession through a Muslim neighbourhood, and a demolition drive enforced in the neighbourhood in spite of protests from the community. What began with stone-pelting and arson left multiple people injured, arrested and the tensions continue to rise as bulldozers were brought in today by the authorities to continue demolitions in spite of lack of clarity, legal or otherwise, around the situation.

While the situation in itself is distressing, a tweet of a journalist and an editor of a mainstream media platform has been doing the rounds today, as a stark example of journalism that is not conflict-sensitive. Of course, a journalist may have personal views, but given that their social media presence is mainly based on their professional work, it becomes important for people from that profession to be extremely mindful of the views they propagate publicly. Openly making fun of people whose homes are being destroyed and their identities targeted, is violence in a grievous form.

Our work in the world is a mode of income, but is also a way for us to work within. It is a spiritual path, even if it seems outwardly mundane. When we do not honour that opportunity, we may end up unleashing violence through our work, and corrupt our relationship with power.

· What opportunities does your work give you, to practise ahimsa?

· How do we deepen our professions as our spiritual paths?

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