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EnergySensing — 18 March 2020

(Originally published on Facebook on 18 Mar 2020. For the origin of the #EnergySensing series in 2018, look up here.)


Been sensing into the #COVID situation for a few weeks now, in the context of everything that was happening socio-politically just before the virus sent us all home. (Remember, a lot of the world was out there, protesting against various issues around the globe.)

While there’s a lot to be said about the chain of events, I’m going to focus on the energetic aspects of the virus, that are utterly fascinating. Long story short, this is the seventh human coronavirus we have identified. The timings, places of origin and the method of crossing into the human species (that involves an animal intermediary) of each of the earlier ones is interesting to look into, particularly when noticed in conjunction with the corresponding sociopolitical events of the time. Anyway, this time, the virus crossed into humans through bats.

In the shamanic tradition, bats are a totem of major transformations. While often associated with death, if we go deeper into the symbolism, this death is an invitation to life as it is now, to you as you are now — to let go of the old.

The seventh coronavirus seems to be the most benign way life could have offered the world to pause and realign the seventh chakra (among all the other energetic realignments happening now). The shadow of the seventh chakra is the first (root chakra), which explains the overt reaction of fear and panic. However, if we pause and quieten enough to notice, the opportunity will do what it is here to do — to establish clearly our collective identity and connectedness.

This energetic work has been in progress for a long while, but it needed us to focus and we seemed to be evading it for a long while. Hence, we have managed to co-create a lockdown for our own benefit, albeit unconsciously. Much like how the corona of the Sun, while always present, is only clearly visible to us during a full solar eclipse.

I’m trying to be as brief as I can here, so feel free to connect if you wish to discuss any of these pieces further. For now, I’ll jump to what seems to be asked of us right now:

- Reconnect with your centre, your core purpose, what your service is as a citizen of the planet. If fears come up, name them and work with them actively at a pace that works for you.

- Use the opportunity to understand people, activities, habits, possessions, etc. that truly matter. As you step out of routine and pause, who do you genuinely feel like connecting with? Who do you reach out to? Who reaches out to you? Notice what is important and clear the clutter.

- Build community. Serve in every way you can imagine. For some, it could be offering your domestic help paid leave since they don’t have the convenience of working from home. For others, it could be to aid a tech-challenged colleague get online to work. For all of us, it could be to call people who may be feeling lonely or scared, and have a simple conversation.

- Stay tuned to what is your duty once we have access to our usual privileges. Covid does not make climate change go away. Nor the other issues we were working with before the lockdown. Use the pause to rejuvenate and reframe your responses and engagement. Reorganize your communities. Notice how privilege makes us respond (and how, in spite of the capacity to respond the way we are doing now, we refused to showcase the same sense of urgency towards environmental issues, hunger, poverty, etc.). Is that a pattern we can let go of?

We are in a collective moment of reckoning. It’ll unravel with individuals claiming their courage and conscience.




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