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EnergySensing — 19 May 2020


There are several layers I am sensing into here, so forgive the part-esoteric, part-exoteric writing that follows.

There’s a homing beacon that seems to have been activated, at least in the region of space we occupy. Of course, Covid-19 came in as a harbinger and facilitator of the process on earth. The purpose of this beacon seems to be invite us ‘home’ to die, to die to what was, so that the energy thus released can be used to create anew, in alignment with planetary and cosmic evolution of consciousness. This is happening at every layer of existence in and around us: in the southern hemisphere, the season is turning into winter — a time to be home, shedding leaves, hibernating before the spring arrives. In the northern hemisphere, the human-made lockdown is enabling the same process. In our solar system, multiple comets have entered (Atlas and Swan are the two I know of, there are perhaps more that astro enthusiasts might know about) the system to head towards home — to the Sun — to die: Atlas has already started disintegrating and Swan is expected to follow suit.

Before we proceed, it is important to reexamine our relationship with the terms ‘home’ and ‘death’. Houses are tangible in our reality, home is a psycho-spiritual concept. Home is the direction that all our inner longing points at: it is not a physical location, but a connection with the zero point source that we believe we have travelled away from, in our evolutionary journey. One half of the journey was about travelling away, to discover who we are; the second half, that is beginning now (has been beginning for a while now), is about returning, having discovered how far we can go till our life form can be sustained. This return is not a regression, it is about existing at a higher octave. To use Joseph Campbell’s framework, we have collectively hit the inmost cave, and it is time to head back up, after jettisoning what is not needed any longer, now that we are no longer journeying away from source.

Death is a term our egos have interpreted rather narrowly. It is another form of existence. It just happens to be a form that our limited human form cannot yet comprehend. It is perhaps the greatest gift of life to us, given out of its natural and immense compassion. Imagine living in a state of permanence with no death: it would be perennial summer or winter, with no hope of change. Death enables cyclicity that is so essential for growth. It is a matter-energy converter in either direction.

The energy of pilgrim trails on the planet is very potent right now: tap into those if you relate to them. It does not have to be a religious connection at all; sense into what energetic connection you are drawn to. You will be guided to a trail that has energies suitable for your evolution right now. There’s a reason the trails are off-limits physically for us this year: a clear message that the journey now is to head within, to head back home. If you latch on to a trail that you resonate with, embark on a journey within, just as you may have embarked if you were physically on the trail. Allow the inner process to continue — we do not need an external anchor any more. We have accumulated enough collective memory to serve as fodder for the journey ahead.

I am particularly picking up the energies on the Camino de Santiago and the Amarnath trails; you may be able to pick up others too. The scallop shells that are a symbol of the Camino are said to represent the container that nature provides when we journey. The shell holds just enough food for a meal, or just enough water for a drink. When one journeys, one does not need to have any excess — much like we are now asked to live only with what is essential, trusting that nature will provide just enough, just in time, should we collectively live in alignment. Of course, we are not there yet, so we notice some of us hoarding, and some of us starving, given that we make the choice to upset the natural design of the journey.

There’s a lot to be said about shift from the individual heroic journey to the collective, planetary one that we are embarking on. However, I do not want to lengthen the post; so connect with me separately on that if you wish. I’ll skip to what seems to be asked of us right now:

The next two months are bringing in a mirror so large, we cannot ignore it, even if we happened to play hide-and-seek with Covid-19. The virus was a benign, gentle knock. Given that we seem to be choosing not to listen, we are in the process of creating a harder kick. What each of us chooses now will determine how hard the kick is.




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