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EnergySensing — 9 May 2021


The storm is here. This post from a month ago comes in as a reinforcement now. The dance between Eros and Thanatos continues, and will do so for at least another few weeks, till we work on ourselves.

The urgency of unplugging from ego-centricity and plugging into our collective identity (including all life forms, starting with the planet) cannot be emphasized enough. What we are going through is a portal, either out of the current form (Thanatos — death), or into another way of being (Eros — life). The choice is ours.

Here are somethings to work on, if we wish to consciously engage with the current energies:

None of these are easy, given how we are educated and conditioned to nurture our egos. Having said that, it cannot be simpler. Incredulous as it may sound, life is giving us the most benign path through Covid. We need to learn to see that.

Even as it is extremely challenging, know that now is not the time to postpone this work. Take a step and life will meet you mid-way.




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