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Love in the time of Corona — Chapter 10

Amidst the migrant crisis created by the Covid-19 lockdown in India, a heavily pregnant woman walked 70 kms (of around 1000 kms to get home), gave birth on the road, and continued to walk another 160 kms with the newborn in her arms, before administrators made alternative arrangements for them.

Image source: The Times of India

Her mind raced in fervent prayer,
Striving to contain the fear
Of bringing in a child
Into a world gone berserk.

Her body, though, lived as a temple,
Receiving the prayers of life,
Answering only to the eternal cycle
Of birth and death and birth.

Even as the feet plodded along
Swollen, cracked and ravaged,
The womb quietly nurtured
What was ready to be born.

When the waters broke,
The world outside went still
In reverence to the convulsions
That announced the arrival of the future.

Motherhood has no freewill,
Even as a mother might have it.
It is life uniting with itself.
The world can only bear witness.




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Rukmini Iyer

Rukmini Iyer

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