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The Human Cohesion Project — 10 Apr 2022

Today is observed as Rama Navami in the Hindu tradition — the end of the Chaitra Navratri, a nine-day spring festival that began on the same day as Ramadan this year. It is also Palm Sunday, the first day of the Holy Week, the Sunday before Easter. Esoterically, Ram Navami celebrates the embodiment of the divine masculine consciousness into the form of Rama. In the Christian tradition, it signifies the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, in the days before the Last Supper. We are also moving towards the end of the first Ashra (one of the three parts) of Ramadan, dedicated to seeking mercy from the Divine.

Each of these celebrations speak to universal human needs, of hope, compassion and mercy. They emerged from different continents, but evolved from our shared connection with something beyond what we can perceive. All I hold in my heart on this confluence of faiths today is this verse of Mark 10:9:

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Ramadan Kareem. May we find our connections within, and with each other.

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