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Rukmini Iyer

The Human Cohesion Project — 17 Apr 2022

It is Easter today, bringing in yet another celebration into Ramadan. Even as the Jesus of the Quran may be viewed differently from the Jesus of the Bible, he is acknowledged in 93 verses of the Quran, second only to Prophet Mohammed. In that, I find the Quran to be a truly interfaith text: it cites 25 prophets, most of whom are also revered in Judaism and/or Christianity. The perspectives may be different, but that also stands testimony to the fact that through the human lens, we can rarely gain full understanding of anything in life. All we can attempt is to sincerely look at and deepen a few perspectives. Hopefully, in that process, we will come to appreciate the diversity that is embedded in life.

Whether we identify as being religious or not, Easter offers us an opportunity to reflect on what we choose to let die, and what we choose to revive, within ourselves. The last couple of years have not been easy for most of us on the planet, and for the planet herself. Various aspects of our lives have been challenged, and it is essential to choose which of those we need to let go of, for the old forms no longer serve. In the process, we come to clarity around what we need to revive and continue to nurture, for the larger good.

Ramadan Kareem. May we all rise to our collective future.

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