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Rukmini Iyer

The Human Cohesion Project — 2 May 2021


The results of a few state elections were declared today, even as the pandemic continues to ravage the country. On the one hand, the results, seem to bring in a sense of relief. On the other, it seems we are not yet ready to let go of our conditioned behaviour of creating polarities. An old poem from 2017 comes to mind…

There are victors
Only when there is a war.
The polarity of opposition
Creates winners and losers.
Ironically, when the war ends,
As the losers fade away,
The polarity collapses
And consumes the victors too.

Yet, we seem to create our world
Based on the foundation of victory.
Children need to win competitions;
Adults have to best their peers;
Humans seek to win over nature.
Only the perennial fuel of war
Sustains the notion of victory.

Whether it’s the wars outside
Or the ones raging within
Where are we laying
The foundations of peace?
Are we willing sacrifice victory
At the altar of peace?

What did you sacrifice at the altar of peace today?

Ramadan Kareem. May we truly imbibe the spirit of Islam (literal meaning: peace).

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