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The Human Cohesion Project — 21 Apr 2022

Adding to Ramadan festivities, today is Eid-e-Ridvan, a 12-day Baha’i festival that commemorates Baha Ullah’s declaration that he was a divine manifestation. Coincidentally this year, it ends as Ramadan does, culminating in Eid al-Fitr.

The Baha’i faith is one of the world’s newest religions, having been birthed only in 1863 when the founder Baha Ullah declared himself a messenger of God, in the Garden of Ridvan in Baghdad, Iraq.

Every religion has the concept of the messenger bridging the pathway to justice, in one form or the other. Sometimes, the justice itself is the path. But all religions recognise justice as being core to life, even if the paths are different.

Ramadan Kareem. May we continue to find common ground in our religions.

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