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The Human Cohesion Project — 22 May 2020


Among other beautiful connections and communities I was touched by today, was one where we have been collectively sensing into our planetary future. A few thousand of us gather from around the world every fortnight, largely strangers to each other, united in our intention to journey ahead together, consciously.

In this community today, we were working in a small group of four, from Brazil, Switzerland, Austria and India. After a deeply moving connection and visioning exercise, we were in the process of sharing what came up for us. And the last azaan for the day began in India. As the call to prayer transmitted from my neighbourhood into my room and through the virtual connection to two other continents, we seamlessly went into silence. Even after it ended, we simply gazed at each other in silence, feeling complete in our sharing without having said much. As we prepared to move back to engage with the larger community, the person from Brazil voiced what all of us felt: “I feel more human now.”

And so it is in the practice of Ramadan, and Tao, and every other faith in its essence. We did not have to add anything. We dropped our words, and became more human.

  • What did you drop today?

Ramadan Kareem. May we drop our identities, to emerge into our humanity.

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