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The Human Cohesion Project — 3 May 2021


The last ten days of Ramadan begin today. One of these (an odd night — the 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27 or 29th night) is observed as the Laylatul Qadr. This year, it is supposed to be on 9 May 2021. That was supposed to be the night in which the Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.

There are several practices meant to deepen one’s connection with the One, that are encouraged, particularly in these last ten days. One of them is the additional prayer, seeking forgiveness and generosity: Allahumma, innaka Afuwwun Karimun, tuḥibbu al-afwa fa‘afu anna. And while the prayer is directed at Allah, naturally, it is also meant to evoke the same qualities in us, as we live in the human form.

It was heartening to read about a person today who chose to direct his zakat (donation) to the need of the moment in India: oxygen. Instead of donating money to a mosque, he procured a significant amount of oxygen for distribution, saving the lives of many. Stories like these reinforce the faith in religion for me, leading it back to the One Religion of humanity.

What is it you forgive today? How do you exercise generosity?

Ramadan Kareem. May our zakat serve the highest good of all.

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Rukmini Iyer

Rukmini Iyer

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