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The Human Cohesion Project — 30 April 2020


As I chanted the Shahada today, the image of one of my plants I had written about yesterday came to my mind. It’s a creeper that, true to its nature, tenaciously grows towards the sun, no matter what.

Lā ʾIlāha ʾIllā Allah — I bear witness that you are my guiding light, that I grow towards.

Muḥammadun Rasūl Allah — I, an individual life form with a name given by my culture (Mohammed, creeper, lion…), serve only you, my sun. I exist as your messenger, one that conveys your existence.

As the creeper spoke to me through the chant, I remembered how each one of us is given the gift of the sun, our centre, our purpose. Our freewill allows us to choicefully journey towards that centre. The Gayatri mantra in Hinduism is a similar reminder. So is Psalm 23 in the Bible. And the Green Tara mantra in Buddhism.

Perhaps, religion was meant to be studied through the lens of nature, not through culture. Just as a plant grows committedly towards the sun. Or as an animal kills only when it is hungry, determined to survive. Nature lives the true meaning of religion (religare in Latin means to bind, to unite). It connects life to itself through practical action of the plant or the animal. Can we command our freewill to understand this?

Ramadan Kareem. May your freewill have the generosity to listen to your true nature.

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