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Sam H Arnold

Do you wish you had a place for all your random thoughts? You know the ones, those that are too long for Twitter, but too short for an article. You are not alone, so do I. So welcome to Rule of One.

What We Are Looking For
One minute posts, on any subject. Fiction, poetry or non-fiction.

How to Join
Contact me on social media or leave a comment. I will add you to the publication. Articles will be published within 24 hours, I will not edit them this is all up to you.

What We Won’t Do
Make any money, it’s a 1-minute post. Don’t push your luck

Do you like true crime?

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Sam H Arnold

Do you like true crime? It the answer is yes then you might like my new book all about the stranger theories connected to Jack the Ripper.

Much has been studied on the most popular cold case ever, Jack the Ripper. There are limited facts on the case and many of the original documents are missing. They have mysteriously been lost, stolen or destroyed. There is, however, surprisingly a large amount of information known, on a murder that was committed over 100 years ago.

With this book, I look at some of the stranger conspiracies surrounding the legend and reveals who I think Jack the Ripper was. From Royal conspiracies to females who have been scorned, this is a must-read for all true crime fans.

Grab your copy here.

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One-Minute Writing Tips

This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but…

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Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

“99% of you aren’t replying to comments and it’s killing you.” — Gary Vaynerchuk, Soundcloud

I have shared a little about this before. But I think it is important to respond to every one of the responses and comments people leave you.

Truth be told, I’m not always super good at this.

However, the highest engagement I get on anything I write comes when I am responding to those who have opinions, encouragement, and arguments with my writing.

We need to be responding to those to comment on our writing.

But, we cannot leave it there. We need to take it a step further. And to be honest, I got this from Tom Kuegler. We need to jump over to the commenter’s profile. …


A good community is made of good people

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

There’s plenty of doom and gloom going around on Medium at the moment. It’s not too surprising given all the profile tweaks and the bizarre curation choices and the new layout that stops poets monetising their work.

But can I just take a moment to appreciate the community on here?

In the past few days, I’ve had several disagreements in the comments sections of articles, both mine and others’, and without exception, the conversations have been respectful, argued in good faith, and resolved without any name-calling, threats or nastiness.

How often is it possible to say that about an online community?

Who knows what the future holds for this inspiring community, but whatever it is, I hope it continues to be a haven for great writing and equally great conversations.

And now’s the best time to stop and listen.

Smiling girl in a room that sparkles with gentle purple light.
Smiling girl in a room that sparkles with gentle purple light.
Photo by Valeria andersson on Unsplash

So there I was — sparkle-less.

Oh, as if the 2020 climate weren’t enough! Mean spirits are lurking around in this environment, I tell you. And social media? Don’t go there, my friends. The platforms are hostile right now.

See, I was searching for a quote for an article — my last article for this year is what I was thinking. And since it was for the last article, I needed to find a killer quote that would encourage other creatives.

I found it. And then some!

The quote is from Toni Morrison, and Goodreads offers it in its entirety. But when I dug deeper, I found a whole article with a back story. It makes the quote even more relevant. So, if you happen to be feeling drained or disillusioned, this one’s for you. …

It is time to invest in your writing.

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Lisa Fotios via Pexels

Is there a better time to concentrate on your writing? With the world of crazy going on wouldn’t it be nice to earn extra cash from your house? If the answer is yes then it is time you invested in your future. If you don’t, no one will.

Consider joining my coaching program. Here I offer detailed editing and marketing on articles and books. Having written as a blogger for years and having made it a lucrative side hustle, I have the experience and skills to take your work to the next level.

The services are offered through Patreon and start from as little as £2 a month. The beauty of offering these services through Patreon is that you can unsubscribe whenever you want. Rather than committing to years of coaching, that might not be for you. You can jump in and cancel whenever you want. …

Building a writing career one step at a time.

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

You need to carve out writing time where you can. This could be 5 minutes waiting for a bus or meeting. Carving these small snippets of time out, slowly add up.

My main trick to accomplish my writing, is I write on my phone. Ninety per cent of my writing is carried out with two thumbs. I learnt this tip from another writer, then you add the formatting and pictures on your laptop.

Whether it is a pad and pen or your phone carve out those moments for yourself.

Fill your spare moments writing and watch your productivity soar. More writing means more readers and income.

One-Minute Writing Tips

A quick list of ideas

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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

We all run into times when we get stuck.

Every writer I know has run into moments where they are frustrated with their ideas or are unable to come up with something to write about. Here are some ideas to get past Writer’s Block.

10 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

  1. Free Write: Write down your thoughts.
  2. Walk: Get outside and go for a short walk.
  3. Read: Read a book, not a Medium article or blog post.
  4. Drink: Glass of water, a cup of coffee, or tea.
  5. Phone-a-Friend: Call a friend and chat.
  6. Get Inspired: Google inspirational stories and read one.
  7. Eat: Grab a HEALTHY snack.
  8. Play: Grab some of your kid’s toys and play. …

Maybe I looked like someone in need of confession

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Photo by Chad Greiter on Unsplash

“Do you want to come inside and worship with us?” you asked as I walked by.

I had seen you before, plenty of times. I’d get a friendly nod, a smile, a good morning as I went to the store for this and that. But never this…never an actual invitation.

That day was different, as if you knew exactly what I’d been up to the night before. Was it the way I walked? My slightly disheveled demeanor that revealed an absence of sleep and an abundance of scotch? Perhaps the story of sinful satisfaction was just written all over my face and you easily translated the tale of tawdry togetherness?

“No, thank you,” I said with a smile.

There was no shame in my game…or my walk.

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A Collom Lune style poem

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Photo by Andreas from Pexels

Sleep, precious
Every night,
I have bad dreams

Then we pray

I have a daughter who often tells me every other morning that she had a bad dream. Sometimes I feel as though she is making it up, she enjoys telling stories. But other times she is quite upset about her nightmarish ordeals.

So every night I pray with my two little girls. For a comfortable sleep and nothing but the sweetest dreams. And my dreamer baby still goes straight to bed after every prayer, she chooses to believe she will be protected as she sleeps.

Good night and sweet dreams. 🛌

Thank you for reading, Dear one.

Take residence in my thoughts, support my goals and dreams by buying me a coffee. 🌙🦋☕️

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