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How I got my first internship as a UX Researcher at

In this article, I want to share my process for preparing, applying and interviewing at

When I first came to university, I have always wanted to work at a startup company. It was in the 4th semester the first time I visited startup companies and it was so amazing. I never thought this was possible for me to work at a startup company. and I remember this quote by Nelson Mandela “it always seems impossible until it’s done”.

I realized nothing is impossible as long as you are willing to learn. I worked my fingers to the bone in the past 4 months before I sent out my application and it’s all paid off.

Quick Intro :

I am currently an undergraduate student studying Information System. I started learning UX both UX Research and Design last year. It was in the 4th semester I did my first UX research and since then, I love UX research.

Preparation :

I am actually learning UX Research by reading Articles through Medium and Book. And I often do a UX Case Study in order to know how good my research skill is.

Build a good resume: Do your best to keep it to a single page. A second page is acceptable, but anything past a second page will probably get ignored. There’s a lot of resources on how to build a good resume, so you can learn more about it. Just remember, Recruiters and hiring managers are usually looking at many resumes at once, so it’s important to put all of your “BEST” Information up front.

Preparing for the interview: personally, I started preparing the interview when I got contacted by HR about a week after I applied my application. I learned it by reading an article on Google. The interview Process is also Important so you must be ready.

Applying :

I started reaching out to people on LinkedIn. I had outreached to a UX Researcher at and I asked if there was an internship opportunity in January 2019 and she replied my message and then I sent out my application as a UX Researcher and a week later I got Contacted by I got the lucky opportunity of getting my very first internship as a UX Researcher at a Startup Company.

Lesson learned: no one is going to come by with magic. As soon as you know what you want, you must go out and get it.

The Interview Process :

About a week after I applied, I got contacted by and they invited me to the interview session at office.

The first interview was with HR, it was very casual and it just felt like having a conversation. And I think they just want to know what your resume doesn’t say.

The second interview was with UX Team: they asked about my skills and experiences on my resume, they asked about my UX Research Skills ( what can I do if I got accepted ). And I needed to explain about my UX Research both process and output that I have done when I was in 4th semester.

The offer: about a week after the interview process, contacted me with an offer and I accepted it.

Takeaways/ Personal Tips :

- Reach out to people on LinkedIn or any social media platforms because didn’t list all of the internship opportunities on their career page.

- Never underestimate yourself

Thank you for reading my article! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on Email at



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