Top-5 things I wish someone told / asked me before I started University.

My time at university was amazing, that is one thing that’s for sure. I had an amazing time; met a lot of interesting people, learned what to do and what not to do and most importantly, I got to develop myself. Looking back, I might have changed a thing or two. Some of the lessons outlined below, I have done. Others I have not. See what resonates with you, and most importantly; do whatever fascinates you!

  1. Reflect: Ask me why I would want to study, and in particular, why I wanted “that” study. Personally, I am good at ‘doing’, the whole ‘aiming thing’ and ‘why’ thing, has never been my core strength (until now).
  2. Travel: If you love cultures, pushing your comfort zone, and grow; then travel! University offers you tons of possibilities to travel to different countries.
  3. Get involved: University offers you tons of ways to get involved in societies, boards, etc. It is well worth the experience. On top, you’ll make some new friends as well.
  4. Less is more: Do what you’re asked to do. By providing only the most important information, the quality is usually better than when you provide tons of different types of info. If you want to make something big, do it with wholeheartedly.
  5. Do what fascinates you: University offers more than just the standard curriculum. See if you can do other classes, even if its not in your curriculum. Be bold. If you see a course, and you get this tingly feeling in your stomach, or you get enthusiastic, JOIN / DO IT!
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